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At Noosa Confidential a large portion of our clients are CEOs and senior leaders seeking support with burnout, family problems or addictions. Often at their wit’s end from exhaustion, guilt and shame, we work with our corporate clients to reconfigure their lives, redefine their priorities and repair their relationships with loved ones and themselves.

As a result of the work completed throughout our program, we see the vast majority of our corporate clients return to their lives outside with the skills and determination to perform exceptionally well professionally on their own terms while also nurturing their health and relationships.

We treat our corporate clients with a proven functional medicine approach which integrates conventional medicine and natural therapies and treats the contributing factors behind the condition, including genetics and digestive issues combined with mindset.

We fully appreciate the fact most executives and business owners cannot completely disengage and we allow time each day to reconnect, plug in, answer emails before returning your attention back to the program, reassured your business or company is still thriving.

Like many health issues, the problems experienced by senior executives are often complex in nature. They are often triggered by an alignment of net worth to self worth and a sense of frustration over the perceived rigidity of their workplace.

Your Noosa Confidential team will help you develop a deeper understanding of the issues at play and guide you through the healing process. We will continue to support you to maintain your life outside the program while still pursuing your career without your health and family suffering as a result.

Your one-on-one program will be designed specifically for you by a multidisciplinary team of integrated mental and physical healthcare specialists and will incorporate support as needed in the areas of diet, mindset, exercise, mindfulness and psychotherapy.

From rediscovering the simple pleasure of watching a sunset, learning how to relax in the ocean or play on the waves, to shopping for nourishing ingredients to cook with at the Sunday morning markets, re-connecting to one’s self and their environment is key throughout the Noosa Confidential journey.

Noosa Confidential provides you with post-retreat resources to arm you with the tools you will need to re-enter your life with confidence and ease.

To find out more about our multifaceted approach to wellness click here. Tax deductions may apply – please check with your accountant for details.

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