Feel Better

Understand the problem moving out of crisis

  • Benefits include but are not limited to improved sleep feeling invigorated, increased energy, reduced bloating, brain fog starts to lift, increased clarity, improvement of your sense of self
  • We will diagnose and identify the problem and contributing causes looking at the whole issue, physical, mental and your work and home dynamic
  • We will identify physical and biochemical contributing causes using pathology and other testing to see how you are physically. This is combined with psychotherapy to put mindset and behavior into context.
  • Short term strategies to calm and stabilise the situation. Strategies to help you or your loved one to feel as if they are getting the support they need to correctly identify the cause of the problem and find the right solutions. This can include talk therapy, diet and supplementation to stabilize the situation while the team looks at it for you.

Get Better

Integrated strategic Professional Treatment Into wellness

  • Engagement with family and loved ones improves, increases in enjoyment finding or identifying purpose,libido improves, increased appetite, pleasure in self care ,weight stabilisation, increased resilience, pain reduction increased flexibility
  • Using a combination of skill sets. Please see our team listing provided as our staff and resource listing is quite large
  • AN adaptive treatment protocol That upgrades itself dependent upon what we learn about the client as they move through the program, this covers mind and body and lifestyle.
  • An educational approach to show them how to apply new knowledge not only about mindset and how to deal with stress but how to redesign their home and work lifestyles to help them define and achieve how they want to feel this can include parenting strategies, relationship counseling even components like cooking lessons and shopping lists. We can look at their entire lifestyle and recommend upgrades and then support these upgrades with ongoing support

Stay Better

Ongoing support Helping you to Get the most out of Life

  • Benefits are to continue to maintain and improve all that you have achieved so far. case management for life as long as you stay engaged with us we will stay engaged with you, scheduled contact with your team, daily staff feedback on what you are doing back at home, become a member of our vip community and all its benefits, remeasure and reassess how you have improved and where to from here, assistance with navigating new hurdles and challenges as they arise.
  • Scheduled sessions with all essential therapists to assist with Integration of the new information they have learnt once home focusing on sustainable life skills and continued improvement
  • Access to applications and new information,Real time support with challenges physical and mental. Integration of new technology for accountability, success measurement and ongoing communication with your team.
  • Off the rails support Crisis support to help guests and their families get back on track if they become overwhelmed by a new challenge or see a new challenge developing.

The team at Noosa Confidential are experts at what they do, and they are here to transform your life.

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