Case Studies

Dealing With Disordered Eating
J was a 26-year-old Sydney based sales and marketing executive who attended Noosa Confidential to heal her disordered eating.

Presenting with symptoms that indicated depression, bulimia and anxiety, J was struggling daily with suicidal ideation, feelings of hopelessness and despair.

J was tired over fighting herself. She had lost all sense of self as her bulimia took centre stage and she began to identify with her disorder. She was searching for control, desperate to avoid the emotions that haunted her daily. S used food as a way to have a sense of control, she was aiming for perfection.

When J started at Noosa Confidential she wanted to stop the purge. She wanted to have self-confidence. She wanted self-worth. J was ready to confront her fears of being alone and face her anxieties about others – her partner and those around her.

Johnny Attended Mid 2016
Client attended for a short residential immersion period followed by a non residential program while he stayed locally, plus another month of comprehensive aftercare.
During residential we emphasised the importance of application of all aspects of the program, from gut protocol to therapy and exercise. Client was very pro-active and engaged.

Female, 28, smoker, alcohol, sleep issues, medication review.
Full residential 8 week program, 28 days residential with 30 days of scheduled aftercare and 90 day check ins for a year.

Female, 45, PTSD, digestive issues, panic attacks.
Chronic pain and inflammation from injury and trauma.

Young woman in her early 20's.
PTSD, trauma post accident, ADHD, extreme anxiety and chronic pain and inflammation.
Skin conditions and sensory issues.

Male, 26, addiction, isolation, anxiety and depression.
Suicidal thoughts and self harm.
Socially anxious, unsatisfied with his job. Seeking medication review for anti depressants.

Jesse*, a 30-year-old man from Perth attended Noosa Confidential in March 2015. Prior to his arrival, Jesse had been using methamphetamines (ice) daily, was a heavy tobacco smoker, and consumed in excess of 60 standard units of alcohol per week. Due to his severe drug dependency, the first 10 days of his Noosa Confidential (NC) program were committed to detoxification (under the guidance of a medical practitioner and naturopath). Jesse then went on to complete a six-week intensive residential rehabilitation program, and a four-week sober living program.

Jesse had started using marijuana in his early teens and progressed to ‘hard’ drugs at the age of 17. He had a gambling habit, and had been in trouble with the law on several occasions. During his 20’s, he had (unwillingly) attended two drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs in the United States. While he achieved a short period of abstinence after each program, he quickly returned to using drugs. Jesse came to Noosa Confidential with a high level of commitment, and every effort was made to tailor the program to his needs in order to achieve sustainable health and wellbeing. During his program, Jesse twice had to return to Perth to attend court. He was supported through this process (practically and emotionally).

Despite Jesse’s long-term drug use and poor diet, pathology tests revealed that he was in relatively good health. His health was supported with the use of evidence-based natural supplements, but the primary focus of his NC program was on psychotherapy, life skills development, physical activity, and dietary education and support.

Jesse received intensive psychotherapy (at least 9 hours per week). His therapists used multiple approaches (including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) to help him defuse from his feelings of guilt and shame, which were the underlying drivers of his addictive behaviours. Jesse believed that he was intrinsically ‘bad’, and therefore adopted the role of the ‘bad boy’. During therapy, he was encouraged to deconstruct his negative core belief system, and to develop a new perception of himself.

Due to his poor food choices (fast food, coffee, and cola), Jesse was borderline obese (BMI: 30), and had very poor cardiovascular endurance and strength. One of his proudest achievements in life was being awarded ‘best on field’ in a football grand final. He was extremely keen to recapture the level of fitness he had at that time. Through daily personal training and a tailored strength program, Jesse lost over 6kg (and gained 4kg of lean muscle mass) during his program. Initially, his food was prepared for him. But as the program progressed, Jesse was taught how to plan, shop for, and prepare his weekly meals. At the end of this sober living program, Jesse prepare healthy wholefood meals for himself.

Three months after completing the Noosa Confidential program:

  • Jesse has moved to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. He rents a property with his long-term girlfriend, and has found casual work. The relocation has allowed him to break the ties that bound him to the drug community in Perth.
  • Jesse abstains from using illicit drugs and alcohol, and no longer gambles. He still smokes but has significantly reduced his tobacco intake. He is pursuing pharmacotherapy to aid his desire to quit.
  • Through his program, Jesse consistently asked for permission to join the local football team (or at least attend the training sessions). This request was denied for the first six weeks of his program in order to allow his to focus solely on his recovery. During the sober living component of his program, Jesse joined the football team and remains a valued member.
  • After much contemplation about his future career path, Jesse has decided to pursue acting and has enrolled in a diploma level course in Brisbane. He attends classes two days per week.



Full pathology through GP and our naturopathic team before arrival


Client will benefit from mobility exercises for thoracic and hip regions. I will look to incorporate core stability exercise into physical intervention. I will encourage reinforcement of neutral scapula and hip position to help with posture and as a result resolve muscle imbalances through lumbar muscles. I will provide technical support in terms of functional movement patterns around hips to help integrate with his movement. Be should be conscious of loading axially with consideration of weight shift.

Metagenics Neurolift/ GABA
N Acetyl Cysteine
Biokult Probiotics
CoEnzyme Q10
Brain Oil

Client was taken off all caffeine, refined sugars, grains and dairy was dramatically reduced. He did a 3 day bone broth fast to assist with gut healing and then continued with very high levels of vegetables, particularly leafy green vegetables, fermented foods, soups, bakes and protein in the form of fish, organic pork, chicken and beef. He also started his day early with exercise outdoors followed by a green smoothie (minimal fruit) with coconut water to assist with rehydration and digestion of supplements. Client reintroduced coffee in the final week and has continued to keep his consumption down to once weekly without negative side effects.

Twice Weekly Far Infra Red Detox Box; daily personal training (cardio), twice weekly exercise physiologist, regular psychotherapy and somatic/ art therapy, personal construct psychology; mindfulness daily; restorative yoga three times weekly, acupuncture, broth fast (3 days); nutritional education and diet adjustments; massage weekly, lymphatic drainage weekly.

Medication discontinued physical strength, weight loss and physiology change wellbeing dramatically improved; alcohol reliance rectified (last check in October 2014 and still no alcohol use); continued to lose weight post residential program, restored relationships with adult children, improved relationship with wife; shame based issues no longer present; attitude to work dramatically improved. Attended august 2014, last communication with NC October 2014, client continues to progress very well and is scheduled for another check in December 2014.


Measurements 7/08/2014 22/08/2014 LOST
Neck 42 39.5 2.5
Bust 101 101 0
Waist 95 92 3
Naval 97 91 6
Hips 99 97 2
Legs 91 91 0
Arms – R 30 29.5 0.5
           – L 29.5 29 0.5
Total 14.5
WEIGHT 74.5 72.8 1.7
BFM % 28.50% 26.00%
Body Fat KG 21.23 18.93 2.3
BODY MASS INDEX – ideal 13.0-24.9  


24.9 0.6


Hi Greg, thanks for you phone and email. I am doing well and feeling well apart of mild flu and laryngitis. I stopped using naltrexone just before Noosa and stopped using blood pressure medication some at Noosa and the rest a couple of weeks after coming back home. My blood pressure is fine. My weight stabilized at about 66-67 kg on scale at home, before Noosa it was about 74. In early September I repeated my liver function and iron studies – all back to normal. Total abstinence from alcohol. My diet is similar to Noosa confidential one and food is as colorful as Kim’s or better she would be proud of me. Swimming on the weekends and routine Tye’s and Jo’s yoga exercises during the week. Still taking Monica’s supplements which are almost to finish so I need to contact her what to do next. Doing a lot of mindfulness and getting rid of absorbed bad energy as suggested by Andrew. Missing Noosa Springs golf course and spa, detox box, massage and acupuncture and of course Karen ‘s challenging art therapy. Missing beautiful Sunshine Beach, walks in Noosa National Park with Naomi, Nicola and Grant. Missing talks with Talita about health. Missing all the girls and boys from NC. Of course I miss too occasional coffee at Costa’s coffee-he gave a bag of special roast for me. If you need I am happy to provide NC with my last blood test results. I think that would be enough boasting about NC- you’ll get to confident. P.S and of course I enjoy after care talks with Jo and Monica. Kind regards










Presenting with: post natal depression, severe anxiety disorder, uncontrollable shaking, insomnia, hormonal issues, inflammation, weight and cmv liver function issues, previous ectopic pregnancy 2007 with severe complications, asthma (ventolin reliant), stomach cramping and gluten intolerance, highly medicated (anti-anxiety, anti-psychotics, Ventolin, anti-depressants); heavy smoker; has been unable to work (previously full time employment as lecturer); housebound and told by her treating psychiatrist last resort is electric shock therapy which she wishes to avoid as she is worried she will lose memories of her children.

Current medication taken for these symptoms and diagnosis:

120mg Cymbalta every morning

200mg Lamotrigine every evening

2mg Lorazepam when required

400 mg Symbicort two inhalations both morning and night

60mg & 30 mg Duoxetine

Ventolin as necessary

Starting priorities and protocol,

Full pathology through our naturopathic team and GP.

Daily Far infrared detox

Reduction of meds supervised by medical and naturopathic team and supplemented with:



Probiotics (GAPS protocol) SBO.

Broth fast


High potency VIT C

Liquid Zinc


Client had strong Italian family food habits and was worried about coming off coffee (espresso) and pasta (white flour). We replaced espresso with Dandelion “coffee” and Rooibos Chai with almond milk which she could still wander to the cafe and have to maintain a beloved ritual. Client was taken off all grains, refined sugars, caffeine and dairy was dramatically reduced (some Kefir and fetta). Due to high anxiety client had handed food preparation to her husband for the past year or so and wanted to re-engage in feeding herself and her family. “Kid Friendly” foods were a priority so lettuce cups with organic mince and veg, rice paper rolls with lots of green veg and sprouts and dipping sauces, zucchini spaghetti with Bolognese sauce as examples were all taught and enjoyed. High “doses” of green leafy veg and Ghee and coconut oil for hormonal function, along with bone broth for gut healing. Client also enjoyed green smoothies with minimal fruit, coconut water and some hemp protein for taking her supplements.

Supported by daily mindfulness practice; restorative yoga, daily early morning exercise (high intensity short time periods) which client progressed to afternoon swimming daily; CBT; Personal construct psychology, Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT); Hypnotherapy; marriage counseling with husband via Skype and at the end of program face to face;  Scenar Therapy, massage, lymphatic drainage massage. Daily food school to re-educate client on self-care and nutrition and how to feed her family without compromising on flavor or nutrition.


Client lost 6kg of fat mass while on program and has continued to lose another 6kg post residential program, reduced smoking by half at the end of her program and has since given up; has returned to full time work; no longer suffers depression or anxiety, has had one episode post program of anxiety and shaking and with support of aftercare team worked through it and has not returned. Client is off all anti-depressant and anti-psychotic meds, still taking supplements and under the guidance of NC naturopathic team. Liver function restored, hormonal levels stabilized, inflammation and insomnia resolved. Ventolin reliance reduced by 90%, gluten and gut issues resolved as diet adjusted.

Attended Feb 2014, last check in September 2014 when progress and well being continues to be high.

In December 2014, the Quilty family sought help from Noosa Confidential for their 14 year-old daughter, Kate*. For the previous 18 months Kate had been struggling with severe anxiety and depression. She also had an eating disorder (binge/purge type bulimia nervosa), demonstrated compulsive hair pulling (trichotillomania), and was engaging in self-harm behaviours. Kate had become extremely withdrawn and isolated, and had been unable to attend school for the past six months. The Quilty family had pursued many avenues for treatment (psychiatry, psychology, acupuncture), but nothing had proven to be effective. At her admission into the program, Kate was on antidepressant and antipsychotic medication (Escitalopram; 40mg and Risperidone; 2mg). In addition to her psychiatric symptoms, Kate also suffered from skin irritations (eczema), digestive problems (gastric reflux), and was significantly overweight.

Kate’s deteriorating condition had placed a great deal of stress on Kate’s parents (Alice* and David*), and autistic sister (Matilda* 9 years). Alice described herself as being ‘at the end of her tether’; She was experiencing insomnia and severe anxiety. David, who had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, reported feeling depressed most of the time. Both Alice and David had been prescribed psychotropic medications. The family was in a state of crisis with Alice and David seriously considering a separation.

The staff at Noosa Confidential recognise the value of family-based interventions for young people, and in situations where multiple family members have complex health needs (both psychological and physical). A successful outcome for Kate was more likely to occur if all family members were engaged with the behavioural and lifestyle changes recommended as part of the program. For this reason, Kate’s parents and sister were also invited to participate in elements of the program. Alice stayed on site with Kate for the 28-day program while David and Matilda attended for the final week. The Noosa Confidential program became a complex and multi-faceted intervention in which family members were treated individually and as a family unit.

Kate’s program (14 year old)

Kate’s initial pathology testing revealed signs of adrenal insufficiency, liver dysfunction (fatty liver disease), elevated cholesterol and insulin, severe gut inflammation, and lowered immunity. Some of the symptoms she reported during her consultation with the general practitioner (GP) were indicative of the early signs of polycystic ovarian syndrome; an abdominal ultrasound was arranged to confirm this diagnosis.

Kate was prescribed evidence-based natural supplements, and supported in her decision to withdraw from psychiatric medications. All medication changes were made with the support of the GP. Individual psychotherapy addressed the underlying causes of her anxiety and depression. Kate also commenced a physical activity program under the guidance of an exercise physiologist and a team of personal trainers. Along with her other family members, she participated in ‘food school’ where she learned about the practical aspects of whole food cooking as well as the therapeutic value of food.

Alice and David’s program

Alice and David received individual psychotherapy and naturopathy consultations as well as marriage counselling and family therapy. The stress of raising two children with complex psychological needs had taken over Alice’s life. She no longer worked and rarely socialised; her main focus in life was acting as the carer for her children. She and David had stopped communicating, and she was grieving the loss of their relationship. Individual psychotherapy sessions with Alice focussed on improving her self-esteem, setting boundaries, and using assertive communication.

David’s health was a serious concern. In addition to bipolar, he was significantly overweight, suffered from gout and insomnia, and drank to excess. The naturopath and food coach worked intensively with David to improve his physical health. Individual psychotherapy sessions focussed on addressing his long-term depression, and helping him to re-establish his role in the family as a father and husband.

Three months after completing the Noosa Confidential program.

Noosa Confidential contacted the Quilty family three months after they completed the Noosa Confidential program. At this time, Kate, Alice, and David’s scores on validated psychological questionnaires (K-10 and Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression) had improved to the point where they could no longer be classified as experiencing depression. Kate and Alice had stopped using psychotropic medication completely, and David had successfully reduced the dose of medication required to manage his bipolar disorder to a minimal level.

Kate has lost almost 20kg through regular exercise (including team sports). She is an enthusiastic scholar and rarely missed a day of school; she also enjoys extra-curricular activities (drama and choir). She no longer binges and purges and has not self-harmed. When she feels distressed, she draws on the therapeutic tools she learned at Noosa Confidential to manage her emotions. He mood and sleep have improved dramatically; she feels energetic and sees a future for herself.

Alice has returned to work and re-established social connections. With guidance from her therapist, she has been able to set and maintain healthy boundaries with her children. She has recognised (and relinquished) her need control, and feels comfortable delegating duties rather than doing everything herself. She and David have reconnected and now understand each others needs much better than they did previously. They set aside time to spend with each other, and with the family. Alice says that ‘the tenderness is back’.

Through regular exercise and healthy eating (including abstinence from alcohol and coffee), David has lost over 15kg. He now sleeps soundly through the night, and feels noticeably happier. He now feels a deep sense of connection with his wife (‘We are a good team’), and enjoys time with his daughters.

At the end of the final family summit, David remarked: “Prior to coming to Noosa Confidential, it felt like we were drowning – we had run out of options and ideas on what we could do to help. It’s been tough, and I feel proud of what’s been achieved here. We’ve learned so much; we’re talking to each other. I feel a lot more confident.”

Alice recently emailed Noosa Confidential to provide another update on the family’s progress. In her email, she wrote: “ We would not be where we are now without the support and expertise provided by the Noosa Confidential program and team.”









Presenting with: post traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety disorder (8-9/10) and depression since 2004, social phobia, insomnia, panic attacks, inflammation, weight and liver function issues, allergies and intolerances has been unable to work in qualified field, complete absence of goals, struggling with parenting and relationships, skin conditions; sugar addiction.

Current medication taken for these symptoms and diagnosis:

120mg Cymbalta every morning previously Effexor and Zoloft (discontinued)

Zyrtec anti-histamine every few days.

Specialists seen up to now include regular psychiatrist and neurologist.


Full pathology through GP and our naturopathic team

Daily mindfulness practice; restorative yoga, daily early morning exercise (high intensity short time periods); CBT; Personal construct psychology, Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT); Journey therapy and voice dialogue for PTSD release. Scenar Therapy, massage, lymphatic drainage massage.

Daily food school to re-educate client on self-care and nutrition Far infra red detox ,acupuncture

Reduction of meds supervised by medical and naturopathic team and supplemented with:

CALMEX ,5HTP ,GABA ,Probiotics SBO,Broth fast weekly B12 High potency VIT C

Liquid Zinc Withania 15mls St Mary’s thistle 40mls Echinacea 25mls Licorice 25mls

Note: Histamine result = 1.2 high off the chart (anything above one is high, even 0.6).  High histamine will

Be a contributing cause of his anxiety.


Client struggled with dietary changes initially however soon adapted to nutrient high smoothies, juices and broth fasts weekly and high nutrient meals daily. Bloating was reduced dramatically in the first week Learning to feed himself and prepare meals for his daughters was an unexpected pleasure for the client and something he was keen to introduce when returning home. Client’s wife attended for 6 days as well to assist with learning new dietary protocols and lifestyle coaching as well as marriage counseling and conflict resolution.



10/6/14 17/6/14 7/7/14
Hip : Waist ratio (ideally < 0.9) 1.02 0.99 0.98
Belly measurement 131.5cm 128 /3.5cm 122
Upper belly 125 122 / 3cm 120
Hip 129.5 128.5 / 1cm 125.5
Weight 133.6 kg 130.7 / 2.9kg 128.2 / 5.4kg
Neck 44.5 42.5 / 2cm 42.5
Bp lying   (- 144/101) 112/68 p 85 109/69 p78 100/58 p69
Bp standing :  (120/80 is ideal) 100/50 p 59 118/78 p115 116/63 p87

(fat loss)




42.6kg (3kg)


40.13 (5.47kg)

BMI (ideal 21.9) 34.1 34.1 32.7
Zinc 30+ secs Low 30+ secs Low
Indicans / urinary dysbiosis : (4/4 severe dysbiosis+++) 4/4
chronic mucus giving rise to clearing his throat frequently in a five minute window 10/10 3/10 4-5/10
variable stools 10/10 3/10 Loose 3-4/10
Energy 2/10 8-9/10
Sleep quality 3/10 9/10
Sleep onset 3 hrs 10 mins
Waking up through the night –

– Associated with machine

2-6x Twice

– +

Anxiety 8/10 7/10 3-4/10

Family here tomorrow

Jiggly, always moving 10/10 Same Ok
Poor focus and attention to tasks, poor memory 9/10 5/10 2/10
Bloating 9/10 0/10 0/10
Cramping belly pain 8/10 0/10 0/10
Hives / itchy skin 9/10 0/10 0/10
Overall sense of wellness (re-evaluated from 6/10 on initial) 4/10 8/10 8/10

Weight still to lose.

Energy 2/10 5/10 8-9/10
General Immunity 4/10 7/10 8/10
Heart palpitations, racing, , rapid pulse 8/10 7/10 More steady
Feeling of Overwhelm / Stress 9/10 7/10 0/10
Mental Clarity 2/10 6/10 8/10
Afternoon sleepiness / fatigue 9/10 2/10 0/10
Moodiness / irritability 8/10 5/10 0/10
Evening alertness 6/10 7/10 9/10
Morning energy / motivation 1/10 4/10 8/10
Cravings – sugar 10/10 2/10 1/10
Sense of depression / melancholia 9/10 4/10 3/10 (missing family)
Withdrawn feeling 10/10 4/10 2/10
Odorous bowel motions 8/10 2/10 3/10
Mouth ulcer 0/10 6/10 – has one 0/10

Attended June 2014, wife attended August 2014 for a week, last check in October 2014 when progress continues to be consistent. Client continues to be medication, depression and anxiety free, is eating and exercising well and losing weight gradually. Sleeping well. Good energy levels. Inflammation massively reduced and no need for antihistamines.








Presenting with: Extensive use of cigarettes and marijuana for insomnia, 5-6 coffees a day, Migraines since 14 years old , heart palpitations/ panic attacks, severe anxiety disorder, depression, stress and inability to maintain clarity. Relationship challenges, lack of sexual drive, severe loss of appetite, underweight, eczema, asthma and digestive disorders. Allergy to sulphur.

Current medication taken for these symptoms and diagnosis:

  • EVANZA 45mg  times 3 at bedtime

Pre program naturopathy 5 hours and psychotherapy 10 hours

Full pathology through our doctor and naturopathic team.

Identified through analysis

Parasites | Inflammation | Cell oxidation | Nutrient deficiency (Fe, B12, B9) | Gut lining inflammation and permeability | Liver Stress | Fibrin | small Neutrophils| elevated day cortisol |

Treatment Actions before arrival

  • Liver & Kidney detoxification
  • Support detoxification pathways
  • Restore gut lining to assist detoxification
  • Increase nutrient absorption
  • Support and calm nervous system

Nourish adrenals to regulate cortisol

Residential program synopsis

Physical and mental therapy

Supported by daily mindfulness practice; restorative yoga, daily early morning exercise (high intensity short time periods) ocean swimming; Cognitive behavioral therapy combined with beach walking and yoga; Personal construct psychology, Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT); marriage counseling with wife initially via Skype and then at the end of program face to face; massage, lymphatic drainage massage. Daily food school to re-educate client on self-care and nutrition at a very practical level.

Removal of ALL grains, caffeine and refined sugars to reduce systemic inflammation. Bone broth integrated with significant increase in raw and cooked vegetable intake, fermented foods and mindful eating.


Client was very committed to the pre-program and residential stay and as a result was able to dramatically reduce medication and caffeine, improve sleep and digestion significantly and eliminate panic attacks and anxiety frequency throughout the day and evening. Sleep improved particularly as exercise was integrated into his daily routine and talk therapy uncovered some significant challenges, which were able to be, resolved including his communication with his wife and marriage challenges.

Attended August 2014, last check in with psychotherapist Sept 2014 when progress and well being continues to be high, and with naturopath Dec 2014 for check up and supplements review.

Guest input

Hi guys.

I hadn’t forgotten about you. I simply wanted to give you a longer-term review.

I am sure you get a lot of guests filling it in straight away and returning it within a few days of being home.

So I thought it may be more useful to prolong this and give you a follow up from the (3) three-month mark.

Just a personal note before I start. Thank you, all of you for your hospitality and care of my being in what was a very tough time for me.

I truly cannot thank you all enough for the care and love you showed me whilst I spent my time with you, as short as it was I shall never forget your kindness.

I arrived at Noosa Confidential a broken shell of a man. Barely able to find the enjoyment in life anymore.

Depression and bad health had kept me angry and unwilling to make the needed changes to improve my life in any way.

My business and my marriage were suffering quite badly, due to disrespect and blame.

Through out my time at N.C. I could slowly feel my spark returning.

The balance of diet, science, psychotherapy & spirituality really helped my find my purpose and define my goals in a clear and discernable manner.

Having now attained achievable methods for managing these goals, I find myself enjoying life and all it has to offer once again.

The Team at Noosa Confidential really put in a massive effort to help bring you back to a better place, both physically and mentally.

I now have a box full of tools and better than that I now know the right tool for the right job.

After 12 years of anti-depressants and self-medication, I can, both, honestly and happily say “I am medication free”.

This was all thanks to Noosa Confidential’s particular brand of perspectives and mindfulness

My days were extremely well balanced between mental and physical work. Allowing me the luxury of putting everything in place for myself.

Many of my session were very interesting and amazingly telling. They really helped me integrate these methods into my daily life.

All of this is not to say “I am cured”. I no longer believe in the “cure” or the “disease”

I now have a simple want and desire to always seek better for myself as  I and those around me deserve.

My happiness now comes from within and radiates out to all those whom choose to be in my company.

I know have a pleasure for all that I do. This has also benefited my wife, extended family and my customers.

My lessons learned will never be forgotten. There will always be struggle, yet now the struggle is the beauty in my chosen path.

Without it I would simply not be me. I thank you for these simple yet effective revelations and the bearing they have on my life daily.

I have been out of Noosa Confidential for three months now and all is still progressing nicely. I practice my mindfulness and enjoy all that life has to offer on a regular basis.

Gone are the anxiety attacks and the fear of public places, gone is the self-judgment and defeatist attitude. This has all been replaced by a sense of worth, a sense of self and a purpose in life.

I have some bad days some good days, but I’ll tell you what the bad days don’t even feel like a bad day anymore, not after the last few years.

I always endeavor to do my best, I don’t make excuses or assumptions and I live to my potential and enjoy the failures as simple failures. For that is all they are.

Once again, Thank you guys.

Big thanks in my particular case to Kat, Talita, Tye and Kim for my personal journey could not have been undertaken without trust and support from you.

Having Shelly and Danni to lighten things up really made the days and evenings more pleasant without my family close by.

Cass made the whole process simple and free from fear so thanks Cass, you have no Idea how terrified I was of leaving my home and my safety.

Love for you all of you in your amazing work and your personal lives.



Riley*, a 26 year-old farmhand from New South Wales, attended Noosa Confidential in July 2014 for a  residential program. Riley had struggled with major depressive disorder and debilitating social anxiety and for all of his adult life. “When the anxiety is there it’s like a dull sense of dread comes over me and I can’t talk”. Recently, he had started to experience paranoid thoughts and suicidal ideation; he was engaging in self-harm behaviours. Riley lived with family, but felt unable to talk to them about the severity of his situation. He had withdrawn from friends, and had no friends in whom he could confide. “I feel I have no friends – I have nothing as a person to offer”. Physically, Riley reported that he quite often felt exhausted but restless, and was unable to sleep. He had also lost a significant amount of weight. Riley had been prescribed an antidepressant (Axit; 45mg), but felt that some of his symptoms had worsened as a result of taking this drug. Riley described his situation as hopeless; he had lost all joy in life.

Riley was not making lifestyle choices to support his wellbeing. He smoked 20-30 cigarettes per day, and his consumption of alcohol (up to 10 full strength beers per week) placed him at risk of alcohol-related injury or disease. He ate minimal amounts of fruits and vegetables, and consumed 5 cans of cola per day. Apart from the physical activity associated with his job, he was otherwise sedentary.

During the program

Riley demonstrated a high level of commitment to the Noosa Confidential program; he was fully invested in the range of therapeutic processes offered by staff. During his psychotherapy sessions, Riley found the confidence to speak openly about his homosexuality, a subject he had not previously been able to speak to anyone about. He felt a great deal of relief in being able to share his “secret”. Like many people who struggle with their sexuality, Riley reported feeling guilt, shame, judgment, and fear. For the first time in his life, he was able to make a connection between these feelings and his long-standing depression and anxiety.

Riley embraced the Noosa Confidential diet, and learned to cook a variety of nutrient-dense meals. Through regular physical activity and a tailored strength training program, he increased his lean muscle mass. A protocol of evidence-based natural supplements were used to treat the issues identified through pathology testing: namely adrenal hypo-function, leaky gut, and pyroluria.

Three months after completing the Noosa Confidential program:

  • Riley’s scores on psychological questionnaires (the K-10 and Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression) have improved to the point where he can no longer be classified as experiencing depression. He has ceased taking antidepressants.
  • He no longer feels anxious when out in public, and is comfortable in social situations.
  • After his stay at Noosa Confidential, Riley felt able to talk to his family about his sexuality.
  • Riley now enjoys socialising. He has made new friends, and is in a committed, loving relationship. “It’s been wonderful being in a relationship that gives me so much joy – I don’t feel alone any more- it’s a unique feeling.”
  • Riley is pursuing work opportunities in fields that he is interested in, and more suited to.
  • He has incorporated mindfulness, yoga, and physical activity into his daily routine.
  • Riley now has a positive focus and outlook on life.

In a recent conversation with his psychotherapist, he revealed “I’ve felt more a lot more comfortable within myself. I’ve contacted old friends I had once avoided. There’s a greater sense of freedom and truth in my life and it feels good to be a lot calmer and happier.”

Nick*, a 34 year old man, attended Noosa Confidential in January 2015 for a residential program. He had recently experienced what he described as a ‘nervous breakdown’ and admitted to being highly anxious and depressed. He reported that he had “hit rock bottom”. He had previously been prescribed antidepressants (Zoloft; 75mg), and required 10-20mg of Stilnox (Zolpidem) for sleep. Nick described himself as being “very stuck in my life…and it’s making me depressed. I don’t want to continue on like this”.

In his infancy, Nick was diagnosed with a type of kidney disease. He was treated with chemotherapy (in childhood) and with the steroid drug Prednisone (60mg on alternate days; ongoing). Symptoms of his condition included persistent oedema (fluid retention). He expressed a great deal of anger and frustration with his condition and described it as being “unfair”. He harboured a great deal of anger, resentment, and shame towards himself. This manifested as extreme self-criticism, low self-esteem, and a negative outlook towards the future.

Nick worked in a highly stressful and demanding job. He used exercise as an outlet, and his exercise habits tended towards excessive. He had a limited social life with very few close friends, and had never been involved in a romantic relationship. His relationship with his father could be described as “toxic”, and consequently he had limited contact with his parents.

Nick recognised the value of diet and exercise in maintaining optimal health; he already consumed an organic whole foods diet, used multi-vitamins, and exercised at the gym. Nick had tried everything (e.g. chakra cleansing, reiki, kinesiology, hypnotherapy, etc) to improve his health and wellbeing, but with little effect.

Three months after completing the Noosa Confidential program:

  • Nick manages his kidney condition with a wholefood diet and nutritional supplements as required. He no longer takes Prednisone.
  • He has incorporated mindfulness practice into his daily life and no longer takes antidepressants or requires medication to sleep.
  • Nicks’s scores on psychological questionnaires (the K-10 and Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression) have improved to the point where he can no longer be classified as experiencing depression.
  • Nick has adopted a nutrient-dense diet and avoids foods that have the potential to promote inflammation. His most recent blood tests show that his total cholesterol levels (which were initially high) have improved and are now within the normal range. Markers of inflammation and immunity have also improved significantly.
  • Nick’s relationship with his body has improved. He accepts the ongoing nature of his kidney disease, and recognises the need for self-care and nurture. He no longer drives himself to the point of exhaustion, and he has swapped his intensive exercise routine for yoga.
  • Nick left his demanding job and is now a successful freelancer.
  • He has re-connected with friends, both old and new. He now has a healthy and rewarding social life.
  • Nick has been able to address his issues with his father and is rebuilding his relationship with his parent.

In a recent conversation with his treating psychotherapist, Nick said “People have noticed the positive difference… staying well is a process I’m committed to. I’ll always have my moments, but I’m dealing with it and I know how to deal with my health so much better now.”

Tom*, a 59 year old practicing doctor, attended Noosa Confidential in August 2014 for a residential program. Tom regularly consumed excessive amounts of wine in the evenings after work. He had recently been caught driving under the influence of alcohol, and as a result was required to undergo daily breath testing before treating patients. He feared his alcohol addiction may cost him his profession if left unmanaged. Pathology testing conducted during his time at Noosa Confidential revealed that Tom was suffering from liver disease as a result of his alcoholism.

In addition to his liver disease, Tom also suffered from gout and haemochromatosis. His current weight placed him in the overweight category (BMI>25kg/m2), and he had been diagnosed with uncontrolled hypertension (managed by medication: Twynsta; 80/10mg and Metaprolol; 100mg).

Emotionally, Tom was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The demands of working in a busy medical practice, coupled with the stresses of raising a family, had left him feeling physically exhausted an emotionally numb. ‘I’ve been in a vicious cycle of hard work, long hours and giving to the patients but have little left for myself’. He reported experiencing ‘anhedonia’ – the inability to experience pleasure. Feelings of anxiety, restlessness, regret, guilt, and shame made it difficult for him to engage effectively in personal and professional relationships.

During his time at Noosa Confidential:

  • Tom completed an intensive psychotherapy program that enabled him to recognise the underlying core-beliefs that lay at the heart of his negative behaviours. He was able to challenge these beliefs, and establish nurturing patterns that would support self-confidence, compassion, and flourishing. As his self-esteem improved, and he learned to listen to and trust his feelings, his anxiety about relapsing into drinking behaviours abated.
  • Through dietary changes and physical activity, Tom lost a substantial amount of body fat. He engaged in a tailored exercise program which resulted in improvements in strength and lean muscle mass.
  • A healing protocol using evidence-based natural medicines was used to address an overgrowth of adverse colonies of gut flora, and excess traces of heavy metals (particularly lead and copper).

Three months after leaving Noosa Confidential:

  • Tom no longer engages in risky drinking behaviours.
  • Pathology results show that his liver function has improved significantly.
  • Tom is now in the healthy weight range. He attributes this to his newly established exercise routine (which includes aerobic activity, strength training, and yoga), and commitment to the dietary changes he adopted during his program.
  • A daily meditation and mindfulness practice has helped Tom to become more aware of thought patterns that lead to judgement or self-criticism.
  • His passion for his profession has returned, but he now recognises that taking breaks away from work are an integral part of self-care.
  • Tom’s relationship with his family, which was previously strained, has improved to the extent that they are now able to enjoy overseas holidays together.


I spent some amazing life changing time at Noosa Confidential. I was looked after by a caring,friendly very professional team of people. I was feeling great and healthy at the end of the program and I continue the program at home with the help of the provided aftercare contacts and I am maintaining my good health and spirit I have achieved at NC.The most frequent comment from my family and friends after my return from NC  was that I look great and ten years younger. NC is a great and unique program.

Kind regards to all at NC.

 Tom 2014

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