Executive Wellness Program

Noosa Confidential offers private and professional treatment for CEOs and senior leaders seeking support with burnout, family problems or addictions.

We work with our corporate clients one on one to reconfigure their lives, redefine their priorities and repair their relationships with loved ones and themselves.

The Noosa Confidential Executive Wellness programs combine proven functional medicine with conventional medicine and natural therapies. The program aims to treat the whole person and address all the contributing factors behind the condition, including genetics and digestive issues combined with mindset.

We understand and appreciate that many of our corporate clients, executives and business owners cannot completely disengage from their work due to commitments and responsibilities. We believe that for long-term change to occur it is important we work with clients in a realistic way and therefore allow time each day for these clients to plug in, check in on key tasks, answer important emails and respond to calls if needed.

It is our goal to ensure as you thrive in your program your business and work thrive too.

How we help

All Noosa Confidential programs start with research… we do not make any assumptions about how you got to the point you are or what that is like for you physically and psychologically.

We base how we will work with you through the stages of feel better, get better, stay better on your individual specific test results.

Our priority is not to fix you but to support and educate as we facilitate your transition to start feeling better. From here we will guide you to get better and give you the tools you need long term to stay better.

Noosa Confidential will also provide you with post-retreat resources to arm you with the tools you will need to re-enter your life with confidence and ease.

To find out more about our multifaceted approach to wellness click here.

** Tax deductions may apply – please check with your accountant for details.

Looking for a loved one? 

If you are looking for a solution to help someone else that you can see is struggling, we are here to help. Our team is ready and waiting to provide you with the advice, support and guidance you need to start a conversation about treatment.

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