Looking for a Different Kind of Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Program in Brisbane, Sydney, Queensland or Anywhere in Australia? Noosa Confidential is the Place for You

If you been through several drug & alcohol rehabilitation programs in Sydney or Brisbane, but can’t seem to make any of them stick, then Noosa Confidential is the right place for you. If you are looking for drug & alcohol rehabilitation in Queensland that will help you make a real life change the first time around, then Noosa Confidential is the right place for you. If you simply want to discover the root cause behind an addiction you cannot seem to shake, then Noosa Confidential is the right place for you.

Launched in 2009 as a medical facility for children and families, Noosa Confidential was retooled and rebranded in 2013 to become a private, functional and integrated residential health program for adults. We provide a range of programs and services, helping patients through struggles with bipolar disorder, eating disorders and more. In particular, we are known throughout Queensland and Australia as a whole for offering a different kind of drug & alcohol rehabilitation program than our competitors.

What Makes Noosa Confidential the Place to Go for Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation in Queensland?

The question you are probably asking, at this point, is about sets Noosa Confidential apart from the average drug & alcohol rehabilitation center you might find in Brisbane, Sydney or any other city in Australia? What makes us better equipped than others centres to provide addiction therapy treatments that work and that last?

The bottom line is that, when a patient enrolls in our drug & alcohol rehabilitation in Australia, we provide an all-encompassing treatment that takes the whole person into account—rather than just their addiction. Our treatment programs consist of everything from psychological therapy to nutritional and dietary advice, and from substance detoxification to pure relaxation. Just looking at the range of experts that we have on site should prove that Noosa Confidential is not an average drug & alcohol rehabilitation program.

The ultimate goal at Noosa Confidential, as mentioned above, is to treat the whole person. While the symptoms that all drug and alcohol abusers are facing are the same or similar, the root causes can vary dramatically. From body to mind to genetics to lifestyle, so many different factors can lead a person to use drugs or alcohol as a method for coping with some deeper issue. With our multifaceted, all-encompassing approach to drug & alcohol rehabilitation, we address all of these contributing factors and unresolved issues—as well as the symptoms they cause—to provide a more well-rounded cure

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