Our Guarantee

We understand your need for successful rehabilitation. Which is why Noosa Confidential is the only Australian residential rehabilitation retreat to offer a treatment guarantee.

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Residential Retreat

During the period of time you are staying at our residential retreat, Noosa Confidential will guarantee your emotional and physical markers will improve significantly.

As all programs are uniquely tailored, delivered exclusively one on one and include a busy yet adaptable daily therapeutic schedule it is impossible not to see significant and measurable gains.

The residential component of our programs offers a “no fail” environment designed to facilitate a leapfrog in the development of each guest.

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Programs include:

Unrivalled daily and weekly amount of one on one mental and emotional support all delivered by highly qualified and registered practitioners

The prescription nutrition diet is based on data yielded from advanced analysis and testing and takes into consideration your genetic profile, individual biochemistry, presenting symptoms and personal dietary preferences

The movement and exercise regime takes into consideration your specific personal physical goals, current fitness levels, i

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Aftercare Guarantee

As part of our commitment to our treatment guarantee, we include Australia’s most comprehensive aftercare program as standard with all treatments that include a 3 or more week residential stay.

After returning home, each guest is provided access to ongoing telehealth support for 12 months.

These telehealth sessions are designed to help you integrate back into everyday life and to assist with the application of all of the wonderful new tools and strategies you have learnt. Each session is adapted to your current needs; however, the emphasis is always put on a holistic approach with considerable resources being devoted to your emotional and physical wellbeing.

To ensure continuity of care, each telehealth session is scheduled for a full hour and is delivered by the same team members whom you worked with during your residential stay.

Our Programs

Substance Abuse & Addiction
Alcohol, prescription medication and illicit drug addiction can be treated and sustained sobriety is achievable.
Mental Health
Compromised Mental health conditions that are not event based (like trauma and grief) are often caused by low self esteem, genetics, relationship challenges, circumstantial, situational or other underlying conditions.
PTSD, Trauma & Grief
We all respond to these conditions differently, and although each individual’s journey, length and depth of condition is unique, recovery is always possible.

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