Pain Medication (Painkiller) Addiction Detox and Rehabilitation

Are you feeling...

  • ...Constipation?
  • ...Insomnia or hypersomnia?
  • ...Co-ordination difficulties ?
  • ...Excessive sweating or night sweats?
  • ...Slurred or impaired speech ?
  • ...Intense Cravings and a “need” for more painkillers than you are prescribed?
  • ...Heart palpitations and irritability?
  • ...Itchiness?
  • ...Confusion or disorientation?
  • ...Anxiety?
  • ... mood swings or depression?
  • ...Feelings of isolation?
  • ...Irregular pulse?
  • ...Muscle pains ?

About our Pain Medication (Painkiller) Addiction Detox and Rehabilitation Program

Pharmaceutical drug addiction is ever-escalating. Right now, over half a million Australians are dependent on their prescription painkillers and addiction can surface in less than 2 weeks of regular use.

For many people prescribed painkillers, taking the drug is a necessity to support the management of long-term chronic pain or assist in post-op healing. However, not many people consider the risks associated with taking prescribed medications nor do they realise that these drugs can and are as lethal and addictive as illicit drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin.

The primary three classes of painkillers that are most addictive are opioids, nervous system depressants and stimulants. It is common for most people to first use painkillers for a legitimate purpose, however prolonged use creates a physiological dependency that may go un-noticed for long periods.

It may not be until a person is looking to reduce their use that they realise they have a situation where they “need” the drug beyond just their pain management. The long-term effects of prescription painkiller abuse are far-reaching and may include:

  • Organ Damage
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Damaged relationships
  • Employment and work challenges
  • Financial problems
  • Lack of clarity & order in life
  • Depression and mood issues
  • General lack of well-being

Dealing with Addiction is hard. At Noosa Confidential we do not assume. We take a “whole life” approach and rely on pathological diagnosis combined with the latest integrative research and psychological testing to ensure we understand you, the challenges you face and the objectives that drive you to make change. April

How we help

All Noosa Confidential programs start with research… we do not make any assumptions about how you got to the point you are or what that is like for you physically and psychologically. What this means for you is that we test; we don’t guess.

Throughout your program we will tailor the treatments, food and therapy options to you and your needs as we work through the stages of feel better, get better, stay better – every step we take is directly correlated to your individual test results and lifestyle needs.

Our intention and focus is to help you recover from your symptoms and to facilitate your transition through education to go from where you are now to sustainable health and wellness.

The Steps:


Understanding you have a challenge and being ready is the first step to change. However, when you contact Noosa Confidential we will not prescribe a one-size fits all solution. We will spend time testing and researching to understand all of the contributing factors – physical, pathological, psychological and lifestyle – past and present that are at the core of your challenge.


Based on your individual test results we will prescribe a residential program that will be tailored to support you to feel better and get better. Each program is designed for the individual and provides a collaborative therapeutic approach combining traditional and alternative therapy and medical modalities to provide a holistic and sustainable result.


At Noosa Confidential we know that the work doesn’t end on program. Your ability to implement the changes you learn into your daily life is the foundation of sustainable change and the key to being able to stay better. We provide all clients with ongoing regime of follow up and accountability giving you the support you need to create long-term change.

If you are looking for a solution to help someone else that you can see is struggling, we are here to help. Our team is ready and waiting to provide you with the advice, support and guidance you need to start a conversation about treatment.

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