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This information should only be used to illustrate what a guest can achieve with us if their intent is to regain their health and engage in the work involved to achieve this.You will need a desire for change and a willingness to do what it takes to achieve wellness. If you are ready the rewards are quite simply remarkable. We measure a program as successful after a person has left us and applied what they have learnt on program into their lifestyle at home for at least 6-12 months for changes to become very stable.

Hi, just a note of thanks for NC for assisting my daughter to be drug free and a very happy girl! What your team has done has been incredible ! She is so much calmer and aware or her and other people’s reactions and responses. She is aware of her triggers and has been guiding us as well. Life is so fabulous for all, not to mention the very flavoursome meals we are getting! Can’t thank you enough!! Please pass this onto all the team that assisted. She is an awesome girl who just needed the right people to help her realise it.

Fond regards


January 2016

Hi All,

I am sitting on the lounge at home after arriving home today and reflecting on my time at NC.

Wow – what an incredible roller coaster of a journey that was ! Certainly not for the faint hearted.

I knew it would be difficult but I didn’t anticipate the twists , turns , revelations and emotional discoveries that I would encounter.

Throughout all of my time there I felt comforted, supported and encouraged by all of you in your own unique way. I can’t thank you all enough for the kindness , care and guidance you gave me , particularly during some of the more emotional and heavy days that I encountered during my stay. You are all very competent but more importantly compassionate , caring people who do incredible work helping fragile people through some of the most difficult challenges they have ever faced in their lives. I am so fortunate that there is a place like NC , staffed with wonderful people who take such a genuine caring approach to their work. I thank you all from the heart for looking after me.

I know my journey continues and I have now just entered a new phase – applying everything you guys have taught me in real life. I expect that it too will be a path with further twists , turns , highs , lows and the occasional meltdown. But I also feel like a have a great team of people at NC who I can lean on for support. It is very comforting knowing that there are people like all of you who are willing to open your hearts and minds to someone they have only known for a short time.

So thank you all , and if any of you are in Sydney and need a place to stay or would like to catch up for a coffee or a lunch ( carbless and sugarless of course !) , please look me up.

Take care people

January 2016

“For the majority of my life I have suffered from a Kidney Disease which can come and go at any point in time. There is no known cause or cure so you never quite know when an attack is going to occur. Many birthday parties, holidays and lots of the fun things in life have been missed out on due to the disease attacking my immune system. Over time this has become quite exhausting, disruptive and depressing. For years I had tried a conglomerate of treatments both medical and holistic to no avail, until I discovered Noosa Confidential and travelled from London to attend.

Noosa Confidential is unlike anything I have every experienced in the past. It teaches you a new way of being, mentally, physically and emotionally. The NC team are extremely friendly and understanding and work together in the most cohesive way all to help and support only you. Just as we are all unique individuals, not one persons experience is the same. Everything you undergo at Noosa Confidential is tailored specifically to your needs, your body, your mind. Each practitioner from your naturopath and doctor, to your psychologist, to your mindfulness teacher, yoga instructor and even the chef, are all in constant communication with each other working on ways to improve and support every part of you.

I left the program an entirely different person. I left as a better version of myself. The NC team taught me to deal with all the things life throws at you and to be the happiest version of myself that I could possibly be. Whats more they taught me how it feels to be mentally and physically fit, to be stress free, and to be at one with myself. This is education we should be taught in school. When in your life does anyone ever teach you how to really live ? At Noosa Confidential they teach you how to live but they also teach you so much more more than that. No words could ever describe the experience and change you undergo during the Noosa Confidential program.

What I can describe, however, is where I am at now seven months after undergoing the program, and I am happy to say that since I have been through the NC program, thanks to the support of every single one of the NC team from the Naturopath right through to the girls in the office, my disease has yet to lear it’s head which is a first in my lifetime. That’s not say it won’t ever come back, and that’s not to saynnnnnnnnnnnnn my life is perfect. Life isn’t perfect and that is the key. Through hard times, through good times, through unexpected and unfair times I feel I now have the tools to live my life to the fullest and be the happiest I can be, disease or no disease and for that I am forever grateful. Noosa Confidential changed my life.

“I no longer have depression and am now medication free and I’ve felt more a lot more comfortable within myself. I’ve contacted old friends I had once avoided. There’s a greater sense of freedom and truth in my life and it feels good to be a lot calmer and happier.”

Amanda and her family, eating disorder,anxiety,depression.

Once we arrived at the program we were supported by many different team members throughout the first few days of assessment and observation so they could tailor the program to our needs. The support included medical support and health screening from the GP and Naturopath, Nutritional education, Art Therapy, Psychotherapy, exercise physiologist support, acupuncture, Yoga, meditation, massage, food cooking school plus much more. My husband and youngest daughter joined us for the last week of the program and the program was adjusted to meet their needs as well. We received support and mentoring from all team members and being immersed in the program taught us all strategies for life. we would not be where we are now without the support and expertise provided by the Noosa Confidential program and team.

I think if a 69 year old like me with all the baggage physically and mentally I have carried around all these years can walk out of NC and feel as good as I do and put into practice with great results already . This is life changing experience and an achievement to all who put such time and effort into the stay . Everybody contributed so much to helping me get to where I am. I felt so supported . I am so proud of myself when I can feel the anxiety building up and it doesn’t get far passed my little toe and I am breathing it away and thinking how I don’t need to take it on.Best to just say a big thank you for getting me to where I am now.

“I arrived at Noosa Confidential a broken shell of a man. Barely able to find the enjoyment in life anymore.Depression and bad health had kept me angry and unwilling to make the needed changes to improve my life in any way.My business and my marriage were suffering quite badly, due to disrespect and blame. Through out my time at N.C. I could slowly feel my spark returning.

The balance of diet, science, psychotherapy & spirituality really helped my find my purpose and define my goals in a clear and discernable manner.Having now attained achievable methods for managing these goals, I find myself enjoying life and all it has to offer once again.

“I spent some amazing life changing weeks at Noosa Confidential. I was looked after by a caring,friendly very professional team of people. I was feeling great and healthy at the end of the program and I continue the program at home with the help of the provided aftercare contacts and I am maintaining my good health and spirit I have achieved at NC.The most frequent comment from my family and friends after my return from NC was that I look great and ten years younger. NC is a great and unique program.”

Kind regards to all at NC.

“I arrived at Noosa Confidential a broken shell of a man. Barely able to find the enjoyment in life anymore.Depression and bad health had kept me angry and unwilling to make the needed changes to improve my life in any way.My business and my marriage were suffering quite badly, due to disrespect and blame. Through out my time at N.C. I could slowly feel my spark returning.

The balance of diet, science, psychotherapy & spirituality really helped my find my purpose and define my goals in a clear and discernable manner.Having now attained achievable methods for managing these goals, I find myself enjoying life and all it has to offer once again.

It is hard to put into words the tremendous effect Pettina Stanghon has had on my life since meeting her almost 2 years ago.

What I can say is the hardest part of seeking assistance no matter the issue is the courage to actually walk thru her door…but, once inside her welcoming tranquil retreat you, as was I, be relieved at the calm Pettina’s counsel will bring.

No matter your age, life situation or beliefs…Pettina is unbelievably easy to talk to and has an amazing ability to balance gentility with honest thought provoking guidance. Pettina is intelligent and well informed, honest and down to earth, inspiring and best of all truly caring! Pettina will provide you with the mind tools to live your life the way you have always wanted!!!

Casey F, Wife, Mother of three, Business Owner.

“From the depths of my heart, thank you for the gift of ‘self’. I realize it is early days yet, but the change in my physical body-feelings is immense and I know that nothing will ever be the same as it was before our sessions. I am finding great joy in (my grand-daughter) and am dealing with life with patience and love. I’m amazed at the difference in all aspects of the children and myself and to have become aware that I have lost such an internal rage leaves me speechless. I feel indeed immensely grateful for your skill and love.

Thank you”

Heather T– 68
Grandmother parenting 2 young children

“I have been working with Pettina and the team on and off for the past 8 months… I live in Melbourne and attended a residential program initially to help me with the paralysing anxiety I have been experiencing since my divorce and more recently to improve on some other areas of my life that I now see need upgrading. What I have learned is that there is no END point, no place you get to in life that makes everything “better/OK”. Life and Learning is ongoing and the so called ‘bad times’ can be ridden out when you dont see everything as a reflection of your own value or lack thereof.

Thomas Spelding – 48

“I first met Pettina in May 2009. I was in a relationship with someone with bipolar -We were going through a really tough time, and I had almost lost all hope. Pettina’s reality-based way of looking at things has really made a HUGE change in my life! Her never-ending dedication to supporting change-work in peoples’ lives amazes me. After over a year, she is still invested in our progress and well-being, and remains a dear dear friend. I am honestly BLESSED to have her in my life!!!”

Amelia C – 29

I wanted to thank you for the time we spent with you at Peregian. A tough job you have, but it is extremely well organized and I appreciated all the aspects that you have put together. Could you pass on my thanks to all. Kim is terrific and we learnt a lot from her – she has a special way and showed that ” therapy through activity” is definitely a good way to go. Yoga with Manyia was also very enlightening – the breathing aspects were a key learning to me – I had watched Cordelia suffer with colds, sneezing and nasal blockages but didn’t click to the mucus buildup. All the other things were professionally organized and run. What I appreciated most was the way each of the people – whether at coffee, juice, massage, standup paddling was so caring and friendly – we were made to feel at ease throughout our stay.

Justin K

Hi Pettina,

Sorry we have not been in touch yet with regards to telephone/skype sessions. we have had a very busy few weeks with family visiting so free time has been limited. Naomi has settled back in very well, we are really pleased with her progress. juicing is happening on a two day basis with myself and Jeremy taking it in turns to work with Naomi. (After re-reading your email we are going to implement your suggestion of doing it daily) We are so pleased with Naomi’s new approach to actually participating in the kitchen and preparing food! having always enjoyed practical activities with our children in the kitchen So such a change is welcome! Helping Naomi prepare her meatball recipe and witnessing hands in the raw meat was just wonderful! Huge progress! Naomi prepared a healthy snack for her niece’s and nephews whilst they were here and introduced them to her fresh juice and cake recipe’s too. Amazing!

Naomi is also back at school despite a few days off sick as we all had the flu. Naomi is engaging with her friends again, visiting, outings, and bringing friends home (as well as preparing a meal for one of her friends) it is so lovely to see her smiling again. We understand this is early progress and we are taking things one day at a time. Thank you so much.

Naomi has taken walks but we still have to set up yoga classes for her. now the family has returned home we can sit down with Naomi and encourage her to book into regular sessions. I would love to take advantage of the counseling sessions, thank you. If you could email me some times and dates, that would be great.

We look forward to hearing from you, Mandy and Jeremy

“Pettina ran a program on depression, anxiety and stress that I attended last year. She presented the course with enthusiasm, passion, knowledge and understanding. She also has an amazing ability, from years of experience, to find the underlying reason for people’s emotional stress. She gives one the tools to use in everyday life that enables one to understand our reality and that we are on a journey of learning and receiving. The course has helped me in many ways and especially in my personal relationships.

More recently I have being seeing Pettina on a one on one basis for counselling and NLP and she has helped me a great deal in a short space of time.”

I am a Professional Personal Coach and Behavioral Therapist and have been running intensive programs, facilitating retreats and have been privately working with clients for over 5 years.

I have studied with Coach U international and the Australian Mentoring Institute and have attended various other continued education training.

I am writing to share my opinion about the effectiveness of Pettina Stanghon’s Immersion retreat Programs .

Pettina Stanghon’s retreat is one of the most effective and comprehensive programs available. guests are able to work on their own and also with their family if need be to overcome challenges, develop and grow the inner self and rebuild external relationships. Pettina has a 360 degree approach and delivers exemplary tools and education.

The reason I know this is I was a student of Pettina – I know how she works and I am 100% confident of her professional expertise and knowledge. I regularly refer clients to Pettina who’s located two hours north of Brisbane, because I currently do not know of any therapist in Brisbane who I feel confident about.

Pettina and her staff encourage all participants to engage in continued education and therapy to support the valuable learning’s from the Immersion Program and to allow further integration and change.


Nadine Piat-Niski

Managing Director/Personal Coach
Calibrate coaching

Hi Pettina,

I am feeling a lot better and not so strung out, I was definitely feeling overwhelmed by life when we came to see you. We have only had one meltdown moment since being back, which is pretty good and we are using the tools you taught us.

I think your work is inspiring and the program was a great investment. Thanks again,

Lin xx

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