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Anita Tarlington

Bachelor of Health Science

Bachelor Health Science, Nutritional Medicine

Anita has a special interest in gut health, chronic digestive conditions and mental health. Anita uses an integrated approach when working with her clients to achieve theirindividualised health goals.

Through clinical experience Anita has found working in conjunction with Naturopaths andAcupuncturists allows a holistic approach for clients overall treatment, delivering greaterpositive outcomes.

As most teenager's and young adults, Anita abused her body and it wasn’t until sufferingfrom serious health conditions that Anita received the wake-up call she needed. It is hereher health journey began after seeking professional help. Anita was unsatisfied with theinformation she was given and felt the ‘bandaid approach’ prescribed was neithersustainable nor effective. This encouraged her to start her own research and lead to thepath of studying Nutritional Medicine. Through Anita’s studies, personal health journeyand exposure to a variety of health issues amongst her clients, she firmly believes thekey to healing is uncovering the root cause through investigation and treating it with aspecific and individualised plan.

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