Dave Ukkola

Guest Support

What did you do before your role at Noosa Confidential?

Having recently set up health food shops and healthy restaurants, I have a passion for healthy food and healthy living.

Prior to that, I have had a lot of experience in tourism and hospitality. I have always enjoyed interacting with people. I was actually contacted by a staff member at NC to see if I wanted to come on board back in 2016. After looking into the company's values and the program offered, as well as the job description, I was all in.

Why do you choose to work at Noosa Confidential?

I have always had a passion for helping others. Having previously struggled with addiction, I have developed a desire to help others regain their lives.

I love a job that keeps me outdoors and active – could never do the 9-5 office job! Working at Noosa Confidential allows me to combine these two things.

What does a general day look like in your work?

A general day varies so much for me, it is hard to summarise. I guess that's a large part of why I love this job.

Quite often, it will start with cooking breakfast for the guests. Then I would take 2 guests (one after the other) on outdoor activities like a national park walk or a stand up paddle session. I would usually cook lunch for the guests after that.

Why are you most proud to do the work you do?

It's not just the difference the program makes in a client's life over the month - but also the little wins... Like seeing the improvement in someone's mood after a stand up paddle, surf, walk or even just a chat

What is your favourite philosophy for life?

I believe in keeping life simple as possible – it gets complicated enough on it's own in our modern, hectic society. Take time to smell the roses.

“don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing is gonna be alright” - Bob Marley.

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