Karen Jeske

Somatic & Expressive Psychotherapist

What did you do before your role at Noosa Confidential?

I have a background in both the arts and education. I took studies that combine my interest in psychology, education and the arts. In particular, I am passionate about how the arts assist our healing and create momentum for change. This has been my journey and I wanted to share it with others.

Why do you choose to work at Noosa Confidential?

NC provides the opportunity to work with professionals who are passionate, current and committed to further learning in their field. This makes for a dynamic interaction across modalities and I cannot look past this as the best way to approach mental health issues, life dilemmas, transitions and relational difficulties.

We all have a role in the success of our clients and we learn from each other as we do the work. We take the knowledge of one and integrate with another and the result is a strong collaboration with our clients. I love that about working at Noosa Confidential. I love how we can sit therapeutic perspectives side by side and notice where they align and how they inform one another.

Our job is then to use this communal intelligence for strong therapeutic outcomes for our clients.

What does a general day look like in your work?

I see our clients for 90-minute sessions and during that time I am present with them inside of their material.

I offer bottom-up processes which means that the value, in the beginning, is placed on the bodies memory of an event versus the mind's interpretation of the story. I offer psychoeducation in this regard.

Processes are emergent and very much about the needs of the client and facilitating an embodied experience of their life. My work is always via a lens of resourcing and supporting my client to have a more regulated nervous system. I use arts processes to support expression, interrupt behaviours and thoughts that are no longer serving, to make meaning and to explore preferred ways of being in a client’s life.

I do not plan my sessions with clients and take a collaborative approach. This way my clients can bring whatever is standing out for them on any given day. Of course, I am holding the broader picture in my awareness and bring my own curiosity.

I invite clients to come to the session with a quality of curiosity and looking at their lives with fresh eyes; as if for the first time, I ask them to be open to the new material that rises. Emphasis is placed on the relationship between client and therapist.

Why are you most proud to do the work you do?

This work is my life process, and it continues for me every day. This work has helped me to become a more resourced human being. I am still in the process of becoming; always will be, and that’s okay. What started as a personal odyssey of self-discovery has become my passion. I feel blessed to be able to share tools and experience incredible creative processes with others, even those who believe they do not have a creative bone in their body! I take pride in busting this myth!

I learn something every day and witness extraordinary shifts in myself and other human beings. There is so much about the creative processes of humans that is sacred and innate yet for many, somehow lost or denied. I feel extremely grateful to be able to have daily connection with creativity; my own and my clients, it’s incredibly exciting to me.

What is your favourite philosophy for life?

I love the quote, ‘comparison is the thief of joy.’ I see how comparison plays out for many and it can be relentless and a source of disappointment and unease.

I believe that all humans have capacity beyond measure to be healed and connected to their aliveness. I tell my clients that we are all in the process of becoming and I truly live by this. We are all on our own path; no one else’s, ours is unique. Change happens from within and in the now, one small step at a time. We must celebrate the differences along the way, however small, these collectively create sustainable transformation.

All humans are creative beings and once given the time and space for such awareness to emerge the possibilities are limitless. Human flourishing is my overarching intention.

A quote by two of my teachers summarises this idea. “The body remembers. It remembers its injuries and traumas, but it also remembers its needs, its instinct to survive and to heal” (Elbrecht & Antcliff, 2013).

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