Michelle Collier

Yoga Teacher

What did you do before your role at Noosa Confidential?

My journey into yoga is not a conventional one. Many years of working within a corporate environment in the UK and then Australia eventually led to physical and emotional burnout. Under doctor’s orders, I skeptically attended my first yoga class. My teachers opening line was ‘Today is the best day of your life’. These words of wisdom and a moment of reflection gave me the inspiration I needed to leave my job and take a leap of fate; within a month I began my training as a yoga teacher.

Why do you choose to work at Noosa Confidential?

What I love most about teaching yoga to the guests of NC is seeing the transformation from beginning to end. To be a part of their journey as they wholeheartedly surrender into the programme is a truly inspiring experience. Witnessing the benefits of yoga on this level is why I love my job so much.

What does a general day look like in your work?

Yoga, Yoga and yes.. more Yoga!

Why are you most proud to do the work you do?

My passion lies in a genuine desire to help people so that they can thrive in life by nurturing the body with yoga.

What is your favourite philosophy for life?

Today is the best day of your life!


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