It took an enduring friendship and a commitment to bring a fresh approach to the treatment of mental health issues to turn a shared passion into one of Australia’s most renowned rehabilitation programs.

Noosa Confidential began when Pettina Stanghon, after years of working in the rehabilitation industry, created a unique model of care for those living with mental health issues.

It started with one important point – that people seeking help for mental illness desperately needed to be better served. Pettina also saw something missing from the market – a solution which took into account a person’s back story to better understand the contributing factors at play when treating illness.

To fill this gap the pair built the first private program of its type in the Southern Hemisphere. Noosa Confidential was the first mental health treatment approach which advocated real case management including advanced pathology testing in conjunction with proven natural and conventional therapies to put together the full picture of a client’s health.

When designing the program Pettina sought to honour the needs of the growing group of people they had witnessed struggling with mental health issues after exhausting all other forms of treatment by assisting them to find the underlying cause of their symptoms and treat them successfully.

Their aim was to develop a program which could be easily tailored to meet the needs of each person who walked through their doors, but with the same objective – to help people to feel better, get better and stay better long term.

To achieve this they brought together the pioneers of evidence-based traditional and alternative therapies and drew on the group’s expertise to offer clients a new way of being through healthier ways to eat, move, drink and think as well as looking at their home and work environment and showing them how to change lifestyle for their own betterment.The program was originally developed for children and their parents with great success as it caught issues early. It was then adapted and expanded for adults and family groups.To be the only program in the southern hemisphere to cater for everyone no matter what age.

Pettina has also injected her love of incredible food coupled with a strong belief in the power of food as medicine when creating the program.

Drawing on her years spent working as a chef in the UK for culinary legends including Antonio Carluccio, running a macrobiotic restaurant and creating organic and macrobiotic food ranges, Pettina ensures all foods served to clients plays a key role in their recovery through celebrating nourishing local, season and organic wholefoods and encouraging them to do the same and the benefits have been astounding.

The team has expanded rapidly, with more than 30 handpicked professionals supporting Noosa Confidential clients including integrative doctors, naturopaths, psychotherapists, acupuncturists, Chinese Medicine therapists, osteopaths, yoga teachers, mindfulness experts, personal trainers and massage therapists just to name a few. All working together as a team with a shared aim to assist a guest out of crisis and into wellness.

Noosa Confidential has since become known for their high success rates in treating people from all walks of life, and particularly for their results in supporting people with depression, anxiety, addiction , eating disorders and chronic pain and disease out of crisis and back to wellness.

When it comes to Noosa Confidential’s plans for the future, the Noosa Confidential team remains united by their drive to bring together the world’s leading experts and techniques to help as many people experiencing mental health issues as possible and send them home extremely well.The program is constantly evolving using the best evidence based treatments available.

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