Case Study: "J", 26yo from Sydney


J was a 26-year-old Sydney based sales and marketing executive who attended Noosa Confidential to heal her disordered eating.

Presenting with symptoms that indicated depression, bulimia and anxiety, J was struggling daily with suicidal ideation, feelings of hopelessness and despair.

J was tired over fighting herself. She had lost all sense of self as her bulimia took centre stage and she began to identify with her disorder. She was searching for control, desperate to avoid the emotions that haunted her daily. S used food as a way to have a sense of control, she was aiming for perfection.

When J started at Noosa Confidential she wanted to stop the purge. She wanted to have self-confidence. She wanted self-worth. J was ready to confront her fears of being alone and face her anxieties about others – her partner and those around her.


  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Eating Disorders

What we did

J worked to establish a strong trust relationship with herself. Knowing that she could trust in self, meant that it was easier to surrender to the now. She was beginning to release the need for control.

Through a comprehensive program of combined therapies and protocols including Narrative Psychotherapy, Somatic & Expressive Psychotherapy, Equine Therapy, Nutrition (Food as medicine), Exercise Physiology and comprehensive diagnostic testing for physiological deficiencies, J began to create a new emotional framework.

She learned and developed her ability to self-soothe and regulate her response to experiences. She learnt to interrupt maladaptive behaviours and developed a strong internal reserve of health resources.

Self-acceptance and the ability to sit in the discomfort of her unpleasant (and unwanted) emotions was key to creating change. J was able to adapt to the changing phases of daily life without reverting back to her old coping mechanisms and giving in to the impulsive nature of the addictive cycle of disordered eating.