Alcohol addiction is characterised by an individual’s emotional and/or physical reliance on alcohol. It is often a coping mechanism adopted to alleviate the effects of grief, trauma, stress or pressure. A lack of emotional resilience, low self-esteem, situational, circumstantial and environmental challenges can also predispose individuals to alcohol addiction.


Noosa Confidential delivers a safe and effective, solution focussed program to eliminate the need to seek comfort through the use of alcohol.

All programs are highly personalised, have a proven approach to identify and address the underlying drivers and triggers that are causing the behaviour of alcohol addiction.

Working with no more than 5 guests at a time, ensures the highest level of individualised care available in Australia.

Whether you are reaching out on your own behalf or that of a loved one, we can help.

Impact of Untreated Alcohol addiction

Untreated alcohol addiction can show a range of negative impacts on an individual’s life, both mentally and physically.

These may include poor work performance or employment, lack of personal hygiene, incurred financial debts, relationship problems and potentially criminal behaviour such as violence or drunk driving.

It is important to know that alcohol abuse can lead to disability and even death if left untreated so contact Noosa Confidential today for help overcoming alcohol addiction.

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Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction causes a wide variety of symptoms and side effects. The cost of addiction is significant and can do irreparable harm to individuals and that of their families.

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Withdrawal symptoms

Headaches, nausea, sweating, shaking and seizures.

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Mental stress

Anxiety, depression and mood swings, unwanted thoughts of guilt, self-loathing and despair

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General lack of wellbeing

Lethargy and overall feeling of being unwell, irregular sleeping pattern, weight gain or loss, poor gut health, vitamin and mineral deficiency

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Damaged relationships

Relationship break ups, family break ups with restricted access to children, unable to speak with loved ones

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Repressed trauma

Inability to effectively communicate with loved ones

Money Zkvbm2_Dp84
Financial stressors

Struggling with cash management and career challenges

Our Approach to Treating Alcohol Addiction

Noosa Confidential is a Complete Solution Service Provider.

This means detox, rehabilitation and after care are delivered by the same therapeutic team.

Guests have the option of a number of detox protocols. All of which are supported by qualified team members. All are safe and designed to minimise the physical and emotional discomfort of the guest.

Guests stay in a non-clinical, waterfront, residential retreat and are supported 24 hours a day throughout the entire program.

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In a safe and comfortable, non-clinical setting, supported by qualified personnel, receiving 24 hour a day support. All efforts are made to minimise discomfort and to speed the withdrawal process.
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We will work with you to identify any or all contributing factors that are at the core of your challenge; including psychological, physical and lifestyle factors. All therapies and treatments are delivered one on one by a large integrated medical team, combining traditional and alternative therapies with medical modalities to create a whole person solution.
Noosa Confidential 33
After Care
Noosa Confidential includes the most comprehensive after care of all service providers in Australia. This is designed to ensure success by providing guests with ongoing support for 12 months after they return home.

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