Prescription Medication (Painkiller)

An addiction to painkillers often begins after someone is prescribed the medication for pain following an accident or injury.


Over half a million Australians are dependent on prescription painkillers, with addiction commencing in less than 2 weeks of regular use.

Prescription medication addiction often begins after someone is prescribed prescription pain relief following an accident or injury.

There are a number of prescription medications that can become addictive, including prescription painkillers, prescription tranquillisers (anti-anxiety), prescription sleeping pills, prescription stimulants (for ADHD) and prescription antidepressants.

Prescription painkiller addiction and withdrawal can be dangerous, and it is important for family members and friends to help those with the addiction to receive treatment.

Impact of Untreated Prescription Medication Addiction

Painkillers are as addictive and lethal as illicit drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin. Prolonged use can create physiological and psychological dependency.

It is important for family members and friends to help those with an addiction receive treatment.

Untreated prescription medication addiction is dangerous and leaves the individual at risk for worse side effects than they would experience from the original prescription medication alone. It also increases the risk of death from overdose as well as damage to organs such as the liver.

Prescribed and non-prescribed medications cause addiction, behavioural changes and side effects, all of which can be managed and treated.

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Symptoms of Prescription Medication Addiction

Painkiller misuse and dependency can have devastating consequences on your physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing.

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Poor mental health

Anxiety, depression, mood swings, suicidal thoughts and psychosis.

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Cognitive impairment

Coordination difficulties, brain fog, memory loss, confusion and disorientation.

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General lack of wellbeing

Insomnia, irregular pulse, nausea, loss of appetite.

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Damaged relationships

Unable to speak with loved ones. Secretive behaviour.

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Employment and work

Loss of job or poor performance.

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Legal Issues

Doctor shopping and black market for medications.

Our Approach to Treating Painkiller Addiction

All Noosa Confidential programs start with research.

Our supportive team works with you to understand and evaluate your current painkiller needs and whether you have reached a point of reliance.

From here we work with you to safely taper use, identify and address underlying causes of misuse and achieve long-lasting recovery. No two programs are alike however all include an emphasis on mental health and physical wellbeing working hand in hand with improving relationships and building emotional resilience.

Noosa Confidential 76
Detox and Tapering
In a safe and comfortable, non-clinical setting, supported by qualified personnel, receiving 24 hour a day support. All efforts are made to minimise discomfort and to speed the withdrawal process.
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We will work with you to identify any or all contributing factors that are at the core of your challenge; including psychological, physical and lifestyle factors. All therapies and treatments are delivered one on one by a large integrated medical team, combining traditional and alternative therapies with medical modalities to create a whole person solution.
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After care
Noosa Confidential includes the most comprehensive after care of all service providers in Australia. This is designed to ensure sustainable success by providing guests with ongoing support for 12 months after they return home.

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