Substance Abuse & Addiction

Alcohol, prescription medication and illicit drug addiction can be treated and sustained sobriety is achievable.


Alcohol addiction is characterised by an individual’s emotional and/or physical reliance on alcohol. It is often a coping mechanism adopted to alleviate the effects of grief, trauma, stress or pressure. A lack of emotional resilience, low self-esteem, situational, circumstantial and environmental challenges can also predispose individuals to alcohol addiction.
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Illicit Drugs

Illicit drugs are often used as a tool to cope with negative emotions or to alleviate the effects of past traumas. They are often toxic and can cause serious harm. Illicit drugs include cocaine, ICE, heroin, hallucinogens and marijuana.
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Prescription Medication (Painkiller)

An addiction to painkillers often begins after someone is prescribed the medication for pain following an accident or injury.
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