Helping Loved Ones

Noosa Confidential offers the support and guidance needed for your loved ones to thrive.

We're here to support you.

If you are researching on behalf of someone you care about we applaud you.

We also understand the challenges you face as you might be motivated to improve their wellbeing but they might share your motivation.

Two crucial questions you need answers to are:

  • Do they admit they have a problem or are they in denial?
  • Are they receptive and willing to consider treatment?

If your approach sounds like this: “You have a problem. You need help. You need to go to treatment” then it is likely the conversation won’t be received favourably.

Why choose Noosa Confidential?

We have developed and refined a strategy designed to coach you how to approach your loved one with the goal of increasing the likely they are willing and receptive to treatment. When applied correctly it has proven to very successful.

Our residential retreat is located in Noosa, one of Australia’s most loved and iconic coastal towns, with 24-hour support on hand.

The Noosa Confidential team work collaboratively with each guest to identify the underlying causes of a condition or a behaviour.

What to Expect
The highest level of individualised care in Australia.
Meet the Team
Meet the Noosa Confidential team, a hand-picked team of experts.

The Journey To Success

To improve your loved one’s wellbeing, we need to firstly work through these five key steps:

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Step 1
Your loved one needs to be willing to talk to you. This is why your relationship, and the way you communicate with them is so crucial
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Step 2
Your loved one needs to recognise and accept that there is a challenge or issue that needs addressing
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Step 3
They need to then understand just how complex and multifaceted the issue(s) are
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Step 4
Your loved ones needs to accept they can’t “fix” everything alone, and that support is a good thing
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Step 5
Your loved one needs to be willing to consider different forms of treatment and to then allow you the opportunity to present them

What to Expect

The highest level of individualised care in Australia.
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Noosa Confidential is Australia’s leading residential retreat. Our tailored programs are created to improve the quality of life for each of our guests and that of the people who care about them.
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