We all respond to grief differently, and each individual’s journey, length and depth of grief is unique.


Grief is a part of life. We all experience grief at some time in our lives. It is a natural response to loss, which can affect us deeply.

Grief can be associated with a variety of losses such as loss of relationships, death of a loved one, or the end of a stage in life. It may also stem from grief at the loss of your purpose or role in life.

Impact of Untreated Debilitating Grief

Untreated grief can lead to physical and emotional health issues, grief-related addictions, grief-related caregiving, grief-related depression or grief-related anxiety. Untreated grief can also lead to the development of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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Symptoms of Debilitating Grief

Grief is expressed in many ways and can affect every part of your life including your emotions, thoughts, physical and mental health.

For some, grief is hidden as we attempt to cope with the painful feelings and carry on with life as normal. For others, grief can be a debilitating and deeply paralysing experience as we come to terms with life in a new way.

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Poor mental health

Overwhelming sense of loss and regret. Inability to move on and let go leading to depression.

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Lack of sleep

Insomnia, poor dietary choices, low energy levels.

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Behavioural symptoms

Comfort seeking behaviour like addiction to alcohol and drugs.

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Physical symptoms such as nausea, headaches, dizziness and low immunity.

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Suicidal thoughts

Unable to cope after loss leading to suicidal thoughts.

Our Approach to Treating Grief

All Noosa Confidential programs start with research.

Our supportive team works with you to understand the events around your grief. Your therapy team will work with you one on one using advanced evidence based therapeutic practices that have proven particularly effective for the treatment of grief.

No two programs are alike, however all include emphasis on mental health and physical wellbeing, working hand in hand improving relationships and emotional resilience.

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Understanding you have a challenge and being ready is the first step to change. When you contact Noosa Confidential we will work with you to identify and understand all of the contributing factors that are at the core of your challenge, including psychological, circumstantial, physical, pathological and lifestyle factors.
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Based on your individual circumstances we will design a tailored residential program to help you feel better and get better. Each program provides a collaborative therapeutic approach, combining traditional and alternative therapy and medical modalities to create a sustainable result.
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Your ability to implement the changes you learn into your daily life is the foundation of sustainable change and the key to being able to stay better. We provide all clients with an ongoing post-program follow up giving you the support you need to create long-term change.

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