Are you considering which treatment option is the most appropriate for you or a loved one?

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Is the program covered by private health insurance?

Although we have a fully qualified medical team and 24-hour support on hand, Noosa Confidential is not a hospital.

Depending on your private health insurer, level of cover and optional extras chosen you may be entitled to some health insurance rebates. Unfortunately these amounts are often nominal at best

Who is Noosa Confidential?

Noosa Confidential is a private world leading treatment option that commenced trading in 2009. Noosa Confidential offers highly personalised solution-focussed programs using advanced therapeutic practices which combine the very best of advanced Western analysis and techniques in combination with evidence-based holistic modalities.

Programs are delivered exclusively one on one by a large team of highly qualified registered medical practitioners.

Programs are delivered from an architecturally award winning waterfront residential retreat in the beautiful township of Noosa Queensland.

What does Noosa Confidential do?

Noosa Confidential combines the very latest Medical testing and therapeutic practices with evidence based natural treatments and therapies to achieve measurable improvement to the wellbeing of each guest. The team are constantly reviewing new and emerging global practices to ensure they remain at the forefront of proven strategies.

Why does Noosa Confidential do what they do?

Noosa Confidential is staffed by caring and empathetic individuals who want to make a difference to the lives of all guests and that of their families. Several staff members have a lived experience which allows them to relate to the circumstance of each guest and equips them with insight to really make a difference.

Where is Noosa Confidential located?

Noosa is in Queensland and is one of Australia’s most popular destination. It offers a diverse blend of stunning beaches and the Noosa biosphere which includes rainforest covered hinterland. Noosa is also famous for the township itself which includes a large number of shopping opportunities.

When do programs start?

Anytime. Programs start the moment a guest confirms their intention to commence. Services are delivered remotely prior to the guests arrival.

What type of people attend Noosa Confidential?

Anyone who wants to improve their wellbeing. Most guest have proactively sought solutions elsewhere but have not found adequate solutions. Everyone who attends a Noosa Confidential program acknowledges their wellbeing is compromised and are willing to invest an appropriate amount of time to ensure a successful outcome.

How long do Noosa Confidential programs go for?

All programs include an immersive residential component which is then followed but the industries most comprehensive aftercare. Guests stay between 3 to 6 weeks depending on the severity of the circumstance and then receive 12months on ongoing Telehealth support which has been designed to be delivered remotely.

Is Noosa Confidential a hospital?

No. Noosa Confidential is not a hospital or a clinic. Guests stay in an award winning architecturally designed water front property so as not to feel institutionalised.

How much do Noosa Confidential programs cost?

As programs are personalised to cater to the individual circumstance, needs and goals of each guest we can not offer accurate pricing until after we have a detailed understanding of the presenting symptoms.

6 week Outpatient programs start at around $10,000.

Can I leave whenever I like?

Thankfully in Australia there are laws against holding people against their will so a guest is free to leave at any time. However, the admissions process conducted prior to accepting a placement is designed to measure and gauge the motivation and readiness of each guest. Unlike other treatment options Noosa Confidential management will refuse an admission if they are not confident of a guests willingness to participate.

As programs are delivered from beautiful residential retreats and guests are supported by passionate, caring, patient and empathetic staff it is unlikely a guest will feel insecure and therefore want to flee.

Guests are supported 24 hours per day 7 days per week so no-one can leave without staff knowing.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets such as dogs and cats may be permitted, but we need you to call us to discuss first.

Can I check my emails and phone?

Yes. We are not a “lockdown” facility and access to the outside world is encouraged. Guests are encouraged to work with the Scheduling Team to ensure they have access at appropriate times of the day to fulfil work and/or family commitments without conflicting with the therapeutic delivery of the program.

Can I have family visit me?

Yes. Family visits are encouraged. Guests are encouraged to work with the Scheduling Team to ensure visits do not conflict with the therapeutic delivery of the program.

Can I smoke cigarettes?

Yes. There is a designated area where smoking is permitted.

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Let’s make a change today. Speak confidentially to one of our friendly experts about how we can help to improve the quality of life for you and your loved ones.

Let's make a change today

Let’s make a change today. Speak confidentially to one of our friendly experts about how we can help to improve the quality of life for you and your loved ones.

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