Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar is a complex condition that presents as an amalgamation of psychosis and depression.


Bipolar is a complex condition that is diagnosed by assessing particular behaviours within a spectrum ranging from psychosis and mania or depression but has many and varied presentations within that spectrum.

There are a number of bipolar signs and symptoms that may be present for bipolar disorder, these include decreased need for sleep, irritability, increased activity, changes in mood with periods of high excitement and little interest to lower periods and thoughts of death, suicide or self-harm.

Depression is the other bipolar presentation where bipolar can be diagnosed by a lowered mood presenting as sadness or apathy along with diminished energy.

All of which can be addressed using an integrated solution.

Impact of Untreated Bipolar Disorder

Untreated bipolar disorder can have a significant impact on both the bipolar patient and their family.

People with Bipolar Disorder may suffer from a number of bipolar symptoms that make it hard for them to function in their daily life.

Family members of bipolar patients can also be at risk, due to stress related to the condition of bipolar and/or familial conflict.

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Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder triggers cyclic mood swings, often extreme that are not event based. Bipolar Disorder can see the sufferer swing from the depths of despair to mania. These cycles can be frequent occurring every few hours or drawn out over several months, sometimes years.

Research suggests the cause of Bipolar may be influenced by genetics. At Noosa Confidential we do advanced analysis and testing to identify possible causes.

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Erratic Behaviour

Severe mood swings, extreme mania resulting in over spending, infidelity and irrational decision making.

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Not feeling in control

A sense of invincibility during mania to feelings of hopelessness during a depressive episode.

Relationship breakdowns

Personal and business relationships often damaged due to erratic behaviours.

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Irregular sleeping pattern

Excessive sleep or insomnia during the mania phase.

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Occasional or frequent depression

Feeling sad, lonely, heavy and hopeless

Our Approach to Treating Bipolar Disorder

All Noosa Confidential programs start with research.

Specialising in analysis, the team at Noosa Confidential conducts advanced testing to identify address any underlying physical contributors like hormone function, genetics, inflammation and intestinal permeability issues.

We then incorporate advanced therapeutic practices with a wide range of physical modalities like supplementation, diet, movement, sleep hygiene and other lifestyle factors, to reduce the frequency and severity of the cycles.

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Understanding you have a challenge and being ready is the first step to change. When you contact Noosa Confidential we will work with you to identify and understand all of the contributing factors that are at the core of your challenge, including physical, pathological, psychological and lifestyle factors.
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Based on your individual circumstances we will design a tailored residential program to help you feel better and get better. Each program provides a collaborative therapeutic approach, combining traditional and alternative therapy and medical modalities to create a sustainable result.
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Your ability to implement the changes you learn into your daily life is the foundation of sustainable change and the key to being able to stay better. We provide all clients with an ongoing post-program follow up giving you the support you need to create long-term change.

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