Making the Decision to enter a Residential Rehabilitation Facility

Residential rehabilitation is the most effective treatment option for those who are struggling with a mental illness or addiction.

Residential rehabilitation is an immersive and structured type of treatment that requires people to completely detox their bodies from toxins and actively participate in their own recovery.

It gives you access to a full range of support and assistance to help you address your challenges at a comfortable and safe location that removes you from all temptations and gives you access to a team of specialists whose sole role is to help you overcome your addictions or conditions.

Types of Rehabilitation Options

Residential rehabilitation is just one option and contrasts with other outpatient rehabilitation options.

Residential rehabilitation

Residential rehabilitation is the most intensive immersive rehabilitation option. Depending on the service provider and the treatment plan normal Residential rehabilitation often begins as a hospital-based inpatient detox. These group-based programs are designed to purge your body of toxins and provided basic coping strategies and mechanisms to help you to understand addiction. The 12 step approach (alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous) is the most common method used in these clinics.

Noosa Confidential offers a significantly higher level of care than the mainstream system and is one of the only complete-solution-service providers in Australia offering detox, residential rehabilitation and ongoing aftercare. The benefit of this all-inclusive approach is the continuity of care ensure each participant works with the same practitioner team throughout the entire rehabilitation journey.

Outpatient rehabilitation

Outpatient rehabilitation is a rehabilitation service that allows you to stay at home and maintain a connection with your family. Outpatient rehabilitation services are often located near where the person lives and include options like psychotherapy or group AA/NA meetings. This type of rehabilitation is designed to provide the opportunity for people to learn how to live their life without drugs or alcohol. However, for severe or chronic addiction residential rehabilitation is recommended

Residential rehabilitation programs like those offered by Noosa Confidential are generally considered the most effective way of dealing with substance addiction or mental health challenges.

Things to consider when entering residential rehabilitation

Does the rehabilitation facility meet your rehabilitation needs and offer a program to address your issues?

Noosa Confidential offers a range of rehabilitation services that fall under the areas of substance abuse and addiction, PTSD, trauma and grief, and mental health.

The programs are tailored and are created to improve the quality of life for each of our guests.

Does the facilities location work for you?

The location of a residential rehabilitation facility is important in that it should remove you from the environment which has been so much a part of your problems. In addition, the location should provide a change of scenery and location that reduces stress and facilitates the treatment process which is just a few of many reasons why Noosa Confidential is considered to be an ideal choice for people initially searching for a rehab in Sydney, a rehab in Brisbane, or a rehab in Melbourne.

Noosa Confidential’s private residential retreat is located in beautiful Noosa on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Most guests who participate in the Noosa Confidential treatment program travel from interstate and enjoy personalised transfers from either Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast airports.

Our residential retreat is situated within walking distance of beaches, national parks and recreation areas.

Noosa is our playground and guests explore offsite as much as is practical, with one on one therapy sessions often held while walking barefoot along the beach or through a rainforest.

Each guest has their own private suite with a bathroom as well as access to shared dining and living areas.

What is the experience of the team of physicians, nurses and staff?

It's important that the residential rehabilitation facility you choose has access to doctors, nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, exercise physiologists as well as first response support staff who have the relevant skills and experience successfully treating the condition you struggle with.

Noosa Confidential has a team of 20 dedicated and experienced staff who have many years of experience treating patients with a myriad of conditions.

What are the outcomes achieved by former patients?

When choosing a residential rehabilitation facility you want to make sure that the team has a history of successfully treating people in your same situation.

Take the time to read testimonials and reviews from former guests. Read the content of the website and read reviews on third-party platforms like Google My Business.

Considering Residential Rehabilitation?

Noosa Confidential delivers a safe, proven and effective, solution-focused program to eliminate the need to seek comfort through the use of substances. (alcohol, illicit or prescription medications)

Our treatment programs are highly personalised, have a proven approach to identify and address the underlying drivers and triggers that are causing the behaviour of alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, meth, ice and prescription drug addiction.

Working with no more than 5 guests at a time ensures the highest level of individualised care available in Australia.

Whether you are reaching out on your own behalf or that of a loved one, we can help.