Mental Retreats - Do you need one?

A mental retreat or really more appropriately a mental-health focused retreat as we at Noosa Confidential consider it is an opportunity for a person/s who may be struggling to call a time out and regroup.

Just like when a child who is playing out, throwing a tantrum or being challenged needs a time out to reflect, regroup and relax so too do adults. We say this not to trivialise the pain and severity of the conditions some people experience but to highlight that reflection and time away from the circumstance provides all people of all ages with the space that is often required to regain a sense of clarity within the self.

Mental Health focused retreats work with people to create a stable psychological foundation through examination and exploration of multiple factors and areas. This includes emotional, psychological, values and beliefs as well as looking through a pathological and lifestyle lens too.

For many people attending a mental health retreat, it is surprising to learn that they actually have a level of control in what is happening. Many people realise that their condition is not happening to them, rather it is something they are “doing.”

Anxiety, for example, is a normal biological response to certain life circumstances and in this instance, it is not a negative. However, when people begin to believe that it is negative or experience prolonged symptoms of anxiety is when life becomes unmanageable and unenjoyable. What they don’t realise is that they have an active role in their symptoms being present, from their thought patterns, values and belief systems to their hormones, food, and lifestyle, they have the ability to take back control and create some space in order to be able to choose not to do anxiety.

When a person can take ownership of their mental health and learn what does and does not work for them, they are empowered to change the experience of their life. At Noosa Confidential we understand the health of the “whole person “and believe optimal health is when a person thinks, feels, moves and lives free of dis-ease, this is why we look at the symptoms you are experiencing from all angles.

A mental health-focused retreat will be focused on helping you to feel better in the moment and get better at a foundational level so that you can thrive in your life – the life and lifestyle that is right for you.

Many people choose to attend a retreat or program to allow for deep immersion allowing for fast change at a foundational level. It can be a long and difficult process to create change especially when you are trying to keep up with life and all your roles in it. Furthermore, human beings are actually wired not to embrace change and that is why removing yourself from the environment you are currently in will provide the space to short-circuit behaviour and find a new way to get the result you want – just like the child and timeout.

Allowing yourself the space and time to deep dive into “you” means learning not just what is going on for you and why, but taking a pause, a semi-colon in life to see where you want your story to go. It provides the individual with dedicated support to discover what does and does not work for them and an opportunity to connect to their aliveness.

Mental health, physical health, emotional, spiritual and relational health are all as important as each other – they are all health and they are all interconnected. The truth is that life is fragile and time short, to give yourself the best experience of your days, to create a foundation where you can thrive as a human being, experiencing life and what may come with confidence knowing that things happen and that is ok, is a gift that will live long beyond your years.

Our minds are the processors of life and just like with a computer that has a virus if the data being received is not processed in the right way the outcome will be flawed. The important thing to know is how to create space to clean the processor and see the error and this includes the understanding that it is never just “all in your head…” you have brain cells in your gut and gut health and mental well-being go hand in hand.

Mental retreats are beneficial for all people and whether they are an immersive program away from home to truly reconfigure or small steps taken at home, being aware and acknowledging that you can create a new outcome in your life (and that you are worthy and deserve it) is the first step and then taking action is next. Knowing where you are at and what type of retreat is right for you is key. You will feel better when attending most retreats, however, if you are desiring long-term sustainable change be sure to look for a program that includes aftercare support to help you implement the changes at home so that you don’t just feel better, you stay better.

Think you need a mental retreat? Start with these tips below at home today or call us and let’s chat about you.

Top tips to retreat and recharge mentally:

  • Disconnect – every day have at least an hour of digital detox
  • Connect – have time to connect with your family such as no phones at the dinner table
  • Get in nature – walk in a park barefoot, jump in the ocean, put your hands in the soil
  • Eat good real food with someone you love, eat slowly and enjoy
  • Move your body – stretch, bounce, dance, run, play
  • Sleep – give your body time and space to regenerate