Preparation for Arrival

International visitors please fly into Brisbane international airport. Interstate visitors please fly into Sunshine Coast airport or Brisbane domestic if flights are unavailable .We will pick up up from the airport and bring you to the program.

What to bring?

  • Swimwear and beach attire (including sun hat), exercise attire, walking shoes, seasonal clothing for outdoor activities (check temperatures in Noosa for your dates), smart casual attire for appointments and markets, lounge wear for time out in your accommodation and all skin care and hair products (organic if possible).
  • Any prescribed medication as well as scripts should you run out.

What we recommend you do for the week prior to your visit:

  • Relax – most people do experience some nervousness prior to their arrival – don’t fight this emotion. Go with it. We take it as a very positive sign and testament to your level of commitment and your determination.
  • Fluids – drink plenty of water, eliminate / caffeine “energy” drinks and other high sugar drinks.
  • Committing to the program is not a reason to engage in short term behaviour.
  • Food – rather then eating 3 large meals each day try to eat 3-6 small meals of the healthiest whole food’s you can find.
  • Exercise – as you will be doing some exercise on the program , the more you can do before you arrive the better. Gentle walks and stretching are recommended.
  • Focus – remember, you are coming to learn as much as you can, so devote some thought to exactly what it is you are hoping to achieve from your stay. The clearer your understanding of your goals, the better.

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