Noosa Confidential Private Residential Program

Noosa Confidential is a private residential treatment centre that offers integrative programs combining the most advanced evidence-based protocols and therapies.

Australia’s only 360-degree, gut-health focused solution. All Noosa Confidential programs utilise the best of functional medicine, traditional psychology and psychotherapy coupled with the leading proven and evidence-based natural therapy solutions.

Our philosophy is based on tailored solutions for the individual. We provide clients with extensive genetic, DNA and pathological testing and diagnostic assessment to ensure that we have all the facts before prescribing a course of action.



The primary goal at Noosa Confidential treatment is to identify all of the contributing causes of the individual’s condition and then systematically support them to feel better, get better and stay better. This is achieved through residential and non-residential solutions that provide education, support, direct therapeutic relief and long-term sustainable lifestyle strategies.

Treating a varied range of conditions, we focus on treating the person and not just the symptoms.

Whether an individual presents with addiction, anxiety, corporate burnout, disordered eating, depression, manic behaviour, stress or a chronic condition like an auto-immune disease our tailored approach guarantees that you will be provided with a solution to create long-term sustainable health and the practical day to day plan and strategies you need to live a successful and fulfilling life.

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Noosa Confidential provides a tailored solution for each guest

What makes us different:

At Noosa Confidential we tailor our programs to each individual and this means that all therapy and treatment is a one to one, case by case delivery. It is important to us that we work with you one to one to identify and understand the root cause of your challenges, giving you the space, time and privacy to share everything with freedom. Throughout your treatment you will be supported by a team of dedicated mental health professionals, medical professionals and specialists and your Noosa Confidential support team.

The Noosa Confidential program is about you and your life. It is tailored, professional and private giving you the certainty and space to find the right way forward with the support to build sustainable, successful living solutions.
All of the Noosa Confidential practitioners are qualified, registered professionals. No matter what area of speciality they work in, you are working with qualified, experienced professionals dedicated to providing you with an integrative treatment program that is tailored to your specific circumstances and needs.
Comprehensive planning and analysis before you arrive ensures that we develop a program that serves you and your life circumstance. From the moment you initiate a conversation with the Noosa Confidential team, we will work to have a deep understanding of your personal needs and drivers.

Our goal is for you to feel supported and comfortable before you arrive and then work with you treat both the symptoms of your addiction and the underlying root cause.

Once you have completed treatment, we provide ongoing structured support to help you integrate what you have learned in your program into a sustainable lifestyle solution.
We will monitor your progress daily throughout your treatment so that we know how the plan is working for you and if it needs to be adapted. We are not a one size fits all solution, we are individually tailored and offer a multidimensional approach fully supervised by an expert team.
Program outcomes are measured and monitored daily to show you how you are improving mentally and physically. The level of analysis and observation is unparalleled .You will be able to accurately track and monitor your progress during and after the program providing you with solid, tangible evidence of the work and growth that you have undertaken. We believe that being able to see progress and track growth is a powerful motivator and reminder of just how far you have come.
Noosa Confidential employs both conventional and advanced pathology testing as well as new and emerging testing assessments. The testing we do is scientifically based and proven. We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive and cutting-edge testing available to ensure that we can clearly identify all contributing factors in your condition.

When we know exactly what we are dealing with (through testing not guessing), we are able to provide you with the exact combination of treatments to best support your recovery.
In conjunction with therapy and pathological testing and treatment, we offer a fully integrated nutritional program designed specifically for your needs.

Without the right minerals and nutrients your body will continue to exist in a weakened state of low-level stress making it harder for you to curb negative behaviours. Our food as medicine education will support you to excel in the other areas of your treatment as we create a bio-chemical and physiological environment that supports you physically, mentally and emotionally.
Our entire program is underpinned by educational foundations to ensure you leave our residential program with the tools and information you need to continue to grow and progress beyond your stay. Education is key in continued application of the program basics.

We believe that continued sustainable wellness in life comes from understanding what to do, why you need to do it and how it will benefit you in your life.
Noosa Confidential is not a hospital even though we use a range of traditional testing and treatment methods. We are also not a retreat or a resort even though we use natural and alternative therapies.

So, what are we?

We are an integrative rehabilitation and health program combining the best scientifically-backed and evidence based treatments from the medical, natural and alternative professions designed to identify and treat the root cause of a person’s health challenge.

We focus on you as a person and then utilise the needed prescription of treatments to ensure you regain optimal health while having a foundation for continued growth.
Our accommodation options are immersed in some of Australia’s most beautiful natural settings on the Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Each client has their own room with private ensuite and shared dining and living areas only. Each residence is furnished with beautiful furniture akin to that of a beautiful holiday home, and are situated within walking distance to beaches, national parks and recreation areas.


Feel Better

Understand the problem moving out of crisis

  • Benefits include but are not limited to improved sleep feeling invigorated more
  • We will diagnose and identify the problem more
  • We will identify physical and biochemical contributing causes using pathology more
  • Short term strategies to calm and stabilise the situation Strategies to help you more

Get Better

Integrated strategic Professional Treatment Into wellness

  • Engagement with family and loved ones improves, increases in enjoyment finding more
  • Using a combination of skill sets. more
  • AN adaptive treatment protocol That upgrades itself dependent upon more
  • An educational approach to show them how to apply new knowledge not only about more

Stay Better

Ongoing support Helping you to Get the most out of Life

  • Benefits are to continue to maintain and improve all that you have achieved so far. more
  • Scheduled sessions with all essential more
  • Access to applications and new information, Real time support more
  • Off the rails support Crisis support to help guests and their families get back on track more

The team at Noosa Confidential are experts at what they do, and they are here to transform your life.

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