Noosa Confidential Private Residential Program

Noosa Confidential is a discrete one on one residential rehabilitation program that integrates both cutting edge functional medical components with proven evidence based natural therapies to identify and successfully treat the cause of your condition. We offer a fully case managed program hosted in the beautiful Noosa shire in Queensland Australia. Our team of dedicated recognised professionals work together as a team to deliver your program and ensure you are receiving the right treatments and therapies for you as we treat the person not just the symptom. We can assist you to feel better, then get better and most importantly stay better long term. We have catered to doctors, executives,high profile sporting athletes and the occasional celebrity but we are more concerned about your desire to get better than who you are and what you do.We are open through Christmas and the new year.



Whether it be depression, anxiety, addiction,eating disorders or general lack of well being and pain, we will assist you to become mentally and physically stronger.To resolve old issues and learn how to deal with new ones in a better way while getting physically healthier and give you a very practical plan and support of how to continue this success into your day to day life. We start with a diagnostic and educational approach to put your psychological symptoms in context. From here we proceed with extensive cutting-edge world class pathology testing to uncover contributing physical factors. We combine this with nutrition, detoxification, physical therapies, relaxation techniques and a balance of proven natural therapies as well as traditional talk and somatic therapies to bring you back to peak mental and physical wellness. This is unlike any other programme in the country and is designed for people who feel they have done everything and are looking for a long term solution that really works.

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Noosa Confidential provides a tailored solution for each guest

What makes us different:

All treatments and therapies are delivered one on one. We are not going to subject you to uncomfortable and ineffective group work. Unlike conventional mainstream western medicine we treat you,not just your symptoms. You will have a team of five dedicated mental health care professionals.Your physical team is made up of ten specialists and their support staff.Combined they provide a world class integrated ,functional medicine , mind body program that will change the path of your health indefinitely and will benefit you and your loved ones.
A team of highly qualified association registered therapists and specialists.The team includes doctors,(psychiatrist where applicable) registered nurses, five degree qualified psychotherapists with decades of experience,trauma specialists,Detoxification specialists,osteopathic doctors,exercise physiologists, naturopaths ,medical nutritionists,,Yoga instructors and mindfulness trainers, Acupuncturists, herbal medicine practitioners,Chinese medicinal therapists,Remedial masseurs (lymphatic drainage and relaxation),Bowen therapists,just to name a few.
Comprehensive planning and analysis before you arrive to ensure we develop the appropriate program for you, you will work with and get to know your team as soon as you book, helping you to feel supported prior to and comfortable on arrival. Once you have finished the residential program we provide structured, scheduled support designed to assist you to apply what you have learned in your home environment.This crucial component guarantees sustainable wellness.
Your progress is monitored daily and your program will adapt as required to ensure the best outcome for you. The Noosa Confidential program offers a multidimensional approach fully supervised by your team.
Program outcomes measured and monitored daily and start before you arrive to show you how you are improving mentally and physically and how to continue to do so through the program and long after you leave. The level of analysis and observation is unparallelled.You will be able to accurately track and monitor your progress which is a powerful motivator and reminder of how far you have come.
Conventional and advanced pathology and new and emerging testing assessed. The testing we will do is based on very recent science and it is unlikely you will have done the tests we will organise for you.This will rule out certain contributing factors and help us to refine your program for an even better result.We know what we are looking for and more importantly how to treat it successfully.
Nutritional Program designed specifically for your needs and assessed throughout your program based on initial and ongoing pathology. Not all “healthy food” is healthy for “you”.We use food as medicine and monitor the improvements weekly to ensure every aspect of your program is taking you from where you started to where you want to be.We will also show you how to integrate this into your life at home. Our chefs are also nutritionists and naturopaths and work hand in hand with the rest of your team.
Educational foundations to ensure you leave our residential program not just feeling better which is where other programs end, but continuing to improve and being able to stay sustainably physically and mentally well by knowing how to apply what you have learned here.We would recommend you consider your program a success not when you finish the residential component which is premature but 6-12 months later as it should be.
We are not a hospital even though we do use doctors and nurses and pathology and appropriate medication when needed, we also have access to specialists and hospitals when needed.We are not a resort or a retreat even though we do use evidence based natural therapy such as naturopaths and nutrition and yoga and massage therapy. We are the only residential integrated health program in the southern hemisphere. We look at your health and incorporate what we need to treat you as a person, to identify cause and treat it appropriately to get you out of crisis and into wellness.
Accommodation options (all with ocean or garden views and walking distance to Noosa National Park and Sunshine Beach) Own room with private ensuite , shared dining and living areas only .The accommodation chosen is dependant on availability but all options are of a high quality just like everything here at Noosa Confidential.Private apartments can be made available for those concerned about confidentiality.You can see examples here.


Feel Better

Understand the problem moving out of crisis

  • Benefits include but are not limited to improved sleep feeling invigorated more
  • We will diagnose and identify the problem more
  • We will identify physical and biochemical contributing causes using pathology more
  • Short term strategies to calm and stabilise the situation Strategies to help you more

Get Better

Integrated strategic Professional Treatment Into wellness

  • Engagement with family and loved ones improves, increases in enjoyment finding more
  • Using a combination of skill sets. more
  • AN adaptive treatment protocol That upgrades itself dependent upon more
  • An educational approach to show them how to apply new knowledge not only about more

Stay Better

Ongoing support Helping you to Get the most out of Life

  • Benefits are to continue to maintain and improve all that you have achieved so far. more
  • Scheduled sessions with all essential more
  • Access to applications and new information, Real time support more
  • Off the rails support Crisis support to help guests and their families get back on track more

The team at Noosa Confidential are experts at what they do, and they are here to transform your life.

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