Anxiety Rehabilitation and Remission Program

Are you feeling...

  • ...hyper-vigilant?
  • ... need control?
  • ... needing to DO something to make everything ok?
  • ... heart racing?
  • ... mind racing?
  • ... can’t switch off Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (inc Eating Disorders): fear?
  • ... extreme need to control?
  • ... repressed anger?
  • ... self criticism and comparisons with others. Hyper-vigilant. ?

About our Anxiety Program

Anxiety and Depression are two opposing responses to life or events or physical DIS-EASE. Where Depression is inaction and a feeling of being disabled, Anxiety is all about ACTION, needing to control, to fix, to avoid pain and discomfort.

The biggest challenge for anxiety clients is foregoing control and being willing to surrender to both psychological, physical and bio-chemical adjustments that need to occur to FEEL and stay BETTER.

Anxiety is rarely seen in isolation as people with anxiety have generally tried many things to find a solution and for this reason, as in all our programs, we work with the client to address all aspects contributing to it or presenting with Anxiety such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, disordered eating, panic attacks, self harming to name a few.

e.g. GENETIC PREDISPOSITION + TRAUMA (event or distorted thinking) + SOLUTION (need to control, get it right, feel safe) = ANXIETY

How we help

All Noosa Confidential programs start with research… we do not make any assumptions about how you got to the point you are or what that is like for you physically and psychologically. We base how we will work with you and assist you to get “well”, on everything from your pathology and physiology, to how you best receive information (not everyone likes to talk) and psychologically what has contributed to your current challenge.

Where possible we utilise our pre-program (before you arrive) to commence sessions with your psychological and medical team, speak to loved ones, gather reports from existing health professionals and start to build a profile that will give our team insight into how to best support you.

Your first week with us will include:

  • pathology and medical screening
  • exercise physiology physical assessment
  • 4-6 psychological sessions
  • gentle and vigorous exercise where appropriate
  • nutritional, medical and naturopathic education and support
  • gut health education and regeneration
  • supervised detoxification support, particularly liver support due to guests coming off alcohol, medications, illicit drugs, sugar, caffeine and grains on program. 

Our priority is not to fix you but to support, educate and facilitate your transition to health and while our program is very intense and you need to be willing to do the work, we punctuate it with stimulating, fun and fulfilling experiences to keep you engaged.

We do not do everything for you, we are not a retreat, we work with you on everything from your sobriety, psychological blocks and challenges, diet, sleep, communication with family, career goals as well as the less known about silent saboteurs that so often keep people in a cycle of mental dis-ease, i.e. hormones and genetic pre-dispositions so common in those struggling with mental health. We know from experience, when we address the big picture and take a whole life approach, you get optimal results and the best chance for the life you want to live.

If you are looking for a solution with a loved one in mind, because you are being pushed away or have watched them isolate themselves and become less and less of the person you know them to be, you are in the right place. We treat addiction every day.

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