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Pettina started in the mental health industry in 2007, having returned to Australia in 2000, after living in the UK for 12 years and working in the food industry she saw a gap in the market for organic produce. Pettina co-founded ENVIROGANIC organic chicken with the Dowling family and worked on distribution and value adding, making broths, pate’s, working at the markets and getting the product into butchers and restaurants all over Sydney.

Having previously been macrobiotic and vegan, Pettina had started to study the connection between mental health and nutrition and the traditional wisdom found in bone broth and gut healing thanks to Sally Fallon (Nourishing Traditions) and many other pioneers in this area such as Dr Natasha McBride and the GAPS protocol and Dr Kelly Brogan (integrated psychiatrist).

In 2007 Pettina enrolled to study Applied Psychology with a vision of marrying nutrition with psychology, having by this stage had two complicated births, due to her own compromised health and chronic anxiety and children with compromised immunity, despite seemingly doing all the “right” things… Pettina wanted to be able to offer a whole solution and not just address issues symptom by symptom, going from one specialist or practitioner to another but actually working with families and individuals in a big picture, holistic manner.

Pettina herself has her own experience with addiction, generational trauma and chronic health issues. She lives the NC protocols we teach at NC every day out of necessity and can vouch for it efficacy in massively reducing inflammation, anxiety and in many cases eliminating chronic pain issues. She has had a hip replacement in her forties, despite being very fit and engaged in HIIT and yoga for years. Has arthritis, had a hysterectomy at 45. Has had to address hormonal issues and that included getting sober over three years ago after decades of culturally encouraged binge drinking. She walks her talk and this makes her uniquely qualified to run Noosa Confidential and passionately committed to case management and a truly integrated approach to health.

Pettina co-founded NC and has been running the operations and therapeutic case management for all clients for over a decade. She liaises with parents and spouses throughout the programs and supports guests to stay focused on the big picture, not just “feeling better” in the short term but long term recovery and optimal living.

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