Trent Banyan

Acupuncturist, Yoga Teacher and Mindfulness Trail Guide

What did you do before your role at Noosa Confidential?

  • Avid traveller to nearly 50 countries
  • Former Construction Labourer
  • Yoga Teacher since 2012
  • Registered and qualified Acupuncturist 2015

Why do you choose to wok at Noosa Confidential?

To choose to work at NC because I believe in the integrative program we are delivering. The results speak fro themselves as I see guest after guest leave with incredible results. The guests inspire me to continue the work on myself.

What does a general day look like in your work?

I wake around 5am and do an hour of self-practice. I then spend the morning with my wife and daughter sometimes at the beach. Then provide yoga therapy, acupuncture treatments or work at my clinic space in Eumundi. My nights are filled with creativity and connection. Guitar playing is my new hobby in the evenings.

Why are you most proud to do the work you do?

I’m proud of the work I do because I’m doing what I am gifted to do and I’m passionate about it. I speak through experience and have an ability to connect on a heart level with my clients and help them feel safe and confortable.

What is your favourite philosophy for life?

“Do what you love and love what you do and those that matter wont mind and those that mind wont matter” Dr Seuss

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